As I sit here trying to think of the perfect first blog post it dawned on my that anyone that happens to be reading this probably doesn’t know the first thing about me! So here is a little introduction to the person behind the screen.

My name is Meg. I’m Welsh but am currently studying my second year of an undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Worcester. I absolutely adore where I am from and would definitely describe myself as a Welsh gal through and through. I have a big, wonderful family that I love with all my heart. I live with my mum and brother but we are two minutes down the road from the world’s greatest grandparents. My mum and dad are not together but I wouldn’t have it any other way and see my dad’s side of the family regularly – I won’t name them all as I’d be here all night! I also have the most amazing boyfriend called Alex who I have been with since June 2013.

My hobbies include performing, photography, everything musical, binge watching Netflix and of course blogging. I love to attend gigs and have seen around 15 artists from my bucket list. My music taste varies from pop and rock, to folk, indie, rnb and of course all those musical soundtracks. I also play piano and clarinet to grade 6 standard and have my grade 8 in voice. I have performed in musicals and pantomime’s since I was 8 years old and have been in a grand total 25 shows. This year I am also musical director of my university’s musical theatre society so I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about that in the blog.

Alongside music, I have so many travel goals that I want to achieve and was lucky enough to complete one of them and take a trip around Europe with my boyfriend in 2016. However, Walt Disney World in Florida will always be my happy place as its my family holiday destination of choice and I have been lucky enough to visit 9 times.

I think that pretty much covers everything! I hope this gives you a little bit of insight into my life and who I am – hopefully you like what you hear.

Until next time,

Meg xo

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