I passed my driving test in the summer of 2015 and have been dreaming of the day I would own my own, insured car and this week that dream came true! 

I was lucky enough to be insured on my grandad’s car whilst I learnt to drive and kept this insurance over the last few years in order to build up a no claims discount for when I was in a position to buy my own car and insurance. Last year was pretty tough for my family as my dad suffered a giant stroke in April and has been unable to walk let alone drive since but enough with the sob story. As a result, his car was going to waste and my sister was looking to buy a new one so they did a swap – Amy got my dad’s car and he kindly gifted me hers. Here she is! I named her Carrie the Corsa!

I am so, so grateful for this car. Myself or my family have no where near enough money to buy me a car (nor would I want them to), so I was absolutely over the moon to take her off my sister’s hands! I’ve also lost a lot of confidence in my driving ability since not being able to drive regularly so this car came along at just the right time to motivate me to get back behind the wheel more often.

Since I received her she has been sitting on my grandparents drive in Wales as I had zero funds in order to insure and tax her as getting insured as a relatively new driver can be extremely hefty! However, as I just celebrated my 20th birthday  and went home for a few days to surprise my family, my grandad and I decided to have another look to see what we could find. I could not believe my eyes when the cost to insure the car had dropped my nearly £900! We believe it was because I was no longer a teenager and had racked up 2 and a half no claims as a named driver which just goes to show that patience can make the world of difference. It also helps that I am working three jobs at the moment!

I knew my boyfriend Alex really wanted to get a car in the near future so I decided to look into the cost of insuring us both and it turned out to be only £40 more expensive – I couldn’t believe my luck! I decided to insure us both as we live together, have been in a relationship for nearly 5 years and talk a lot about our future.

So yeah, we officially have our own car that we can drive from the 1st February! This being an adult thing is shaping up pretty well so far! I’m hoping that the excitement and responsibility of owning a car will give me the confidence I need to drive more and eventually calm by driving jitters!

See you on the road,

Meg xo

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