This week is reading week at my university but as per usual my schedule never dies down and I can’t believe semester 2 of my second year starts on Monday. You’ll know if you’ve read my ‘Turning Twenty’ post, that I celebrated my 20th birthday a week ago today! As we have been so busy, Alex and I haven’t been able to spend much time together over my birthday just the two of us so as my present he gifted me a shopping trip and date day together. 

We decided to give ourselves a bit of a lie in before heading out but I had been so excited for this trip all week that I was up at the crack of dawn doing my hair, makeup and making a list of all the places I wanted to go. We eventually took a leisurely stroll to Worcester town centre at around 12pm. We were both starving so decided to go for food and Alex surprised me with a meal at my favourite restaurant – Miller & Carter!


I absolutely adore steak and Miller & Carter’s is just unbelievable but its also rather pricey meaning we only go here on really special occasions so Alex taking me here made me feel like I was still a birthday girl. We both ordered a steak and I had lettuce, fries and of course the beef dripping sauce with mine. I don’t know what they put in that stuff but it’s incredible – I wish they sold a supermarket version! I also got treated to an Elderflower cocktail which I had never tried before but will definitely be having again, it tasted just like strong cloudy lemonade!

After we had shared a cheeky dessert, we headed to the shops! Alex absolutely hates shopping so him gifting me a shopping trip together is a really big deal. We popped in and out of any shops I wanted to so of course LUSH, Pandora, Ann Summers and New Look were on the list. Being spoilt is something I am definitely not used to, nor would I want to be used to, so of course I didn’t take advantage of Alex wanting to pay for everything I wanted. I am very grateful to have a few new additions to my wardrobe and collections though!

For a while now I had wanted to save and splash out on a decent foundation from a good brand rather than using whatever is on offer in Superdrug – I’m very new to the world of makeup. We decided to go visit the No.7 kiosk in Boots due to a recommendation from a friend and I had the best time. The lady was so helpful and really raised my confidence. She did a skin test with their fancy machine to find out the exact colour of my skin and which type and colour foundation would work best. It came as no surprise to me when I matched with the palest shade they offer – porcelain.


I tried a little bit of it in the store and absolutely fell in love! The coverage was amazing, it looked so natural and made my skin feel amazing. I’m starting to wear make up a lot more often as my constantly busy schedule means I look run down and tired without it – oh the perks of being a uni student with three jobs!

It was so good to spend some much needed quality time with Alex today, the fancy dinner and treats aside. I’m a very lucky girl to have such a loving, kind and supportive other half.

Thanks for the best day Alex,

Meg xo

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