Alex and I have been together since June 2013 – nearly 5 years! I find that I get asked lots of questions about our relationship, particularly about how we ended up at the same University together and what it is like. As a result I thought I’d answer some of those questions and share our story via a cheeky blog! 

As I said, Alex and I have been together for nearly 5 years but before our relationship became romantic we were best friends for 3 years. I know it sounds cliché but it really is true, we spent all day every Saturday together for over a year in Cafe Nero talking about anything and everything. We met through our secondary school and an amateur theatre society we used to attend together and rehearse at most nights each week. I definitely have theatre to thank for bringing us together! I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be in love with someone that was and remains to be your best friend.


There is a three year age gap between Alex and I with me being the younger of our pair. When it came to making decisions about university there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to go straight from sixth form but Alex had taken three years out of school to work and save so the decision to leave was more difficult for him. We were going to try and make it work either way but in the end we both decided we wanted to give this university malarkey a go.

I study Psychology and Alex studies ‘Initial Primary Education’ so when looking at universities we were each looking for very different things. Although the prospect of being in a long distance relationship was daunting we both decided that we would do what was best for us and not compromise our decision to please the other. We decided to not discuss the matter further until we had both made our choices, received any offers and confirmed our top option. I could not believe it when we had both not only applied to Worcester but had firmed it as our top choice! I believe it was just meant to be!

So we both moved to Worcester but lived in separate halls which was absolutely the right choice to make as we each established our own friendship groups. It also meant we found a good balance between spending time with friends and making time for each other. It wasn’t always plain sailing but I can honestly say we made the right decision as we have shared so many wonderful experiences together at university and grown a lot as a couple.

We are now both in our second year and live together in a house with my best friend Nikkii which is amazing! Alex also joined my musical theatre society so we get to do drama together again with him in cast and me as musical director. We have also recently confirmed a house just the two of us for next year as Nikkii will have graduated! Scary but exciting stuff moving onto the next step in our relationship but I feel so strongly about this man that I can’t imagine it any other way – super soppy I know.


I hope this blog helps out anyone considering moving to uni with their other half and has given you a little insight into our relationship,

Meg xo

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