February marks one whole year since I started blogging! It’s crazy to think that I was writing and submitting my first blog around this time last year and how far I have come since then. To mark my ‘blogiversary’ I thought I would share the story of how I started blogging and why I enjoy it so much.

I have always had an interest in writing. When I had just started secondary school I signed up to write the school newsletter and loved writing articles on little things like book reviews or what was happening at school that week. I also started reading other people’s blogs at the same age and found that reading them would become one of my favourite pass times along with writing very corny, teenage girl poetry.

However, as I always threw myself head first towards anything music or drama related I found that I didn’t have the time to continue writing as a hobby with poetry soon becoming song writing and reading blogs becoming going to rehearsals.


When I started university in 2013 I was thrilled to be offered a job as a blogger for the university site Worcester Student Life after writing a piece about my other part time job as an ambassador for mental health and wellbeing. I was so excited to get back into writing and could not believe that someone found me relatable and thought I was good enough to be paid to blog! From then I had to write a series of trial pieces to ensure that my writing was up to the standard they were looking for and thankfully it was! I have since written 20 pieces for the site and am loving every minute of it. I actually submitted my first official piece one year ago next week!


The only downside was that I found myself wanting to write about topics that were too personal for a university site such as the things I got up to in my spare time or my thoughts on an album I had listened to etc. As a result ‘Minims & Mischief’ was born! For a while before I created this blog numerous people had asked me to consider it, although I think some of my friends just want a cheeky a feature! I decided to start my own blog in order to get express my thoughts and opinions and document some of the amazing things I have gotten to experience. I also love the idea of being able to look back in years to come and my time at uni and show my dad my posts when I go home as he can no longer use social media (due to his stroke) to keep up with what I’m doing.

As I have taken on the role of musical director for my society this year, blogging has also become a major hobby for me as I’ll admit I do sometimes associate music with stress now and commonly think of it as a job. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do and I am so grateful for the opportunity but I am finding it nice to have blogging as something that is mine and what I decide to do with it doesn’t impact a whole society of people!

Who knows where blogging will lead me but for now I am just grateful that I have the confidence to be having a go at something I love,

Meg xo


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