Wednesday marks social night at my university where every society dresses up according to pre picked theme. This week our theme was Disney! Everyone loves a bit of Disney so we decided to go big this week and do a group costume effort and I think we did a cracking job if I do say so myself!

My two favourite Disney films are Beauty and the Beast and Peter Pan so I was very excited when everyone wanted to join me as Peter Pan characters! Here is a picture of the whole gang – we even had Peter Pan’s shadow and a photobomb by Queen Elsa!

The whole Peter Pan gang

The social itself was fun, it was nice to be able to have a drink and chill with friends before heading to the dance floor and through to the nightclub. It was a great night with very good company!

I love fancy dress but I love making my costumes DIY style even more! As a student, I really don’t have the money to be buying brand new costumes every week so I really make an effort to make good social outfits from scratch.

Alex and I went as Mr Smee and Wendy. My costume was literally comprised of a £3 night gown from Ebay and some purple ribbon that I got from Tiger for £1. I always sort out Alex’s costume too or it would never get made! He already had the shorts so I got the striped top from Primark for £3.50 and the glasses from Poundland. The red hat is a Santa hat from Christmas that we turned inside out. Nikkii went as Tinkerbell and got her dress from Boohoo, the wings from Tiger and made her shoes using Primark flats and pom poms!

The D in DIY doesn’t stand for difficult and I always say that simple costumes are often the most effective. I love social nights, dressing up and having fun with friends so I’m glad I have this blog to help remember yesterday.

The Terrible Trio

Roll on next week’s social!

Meg xo


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