A lot has happened in the past two weeks that still hasn’t sunk in, so I thought I’d post a little life update. 

The first thing to happen was finding out that for the first time in my life I need glasses! Tadaa – I know, I am basically a long haired version of Edna Mode.


This is a pretty big change for me and is definitely taking some getting used to. The last time I went for an eye test (which admittedly was a VERY long time ago) I was told I had perfect vision so I never thought I’d need glasses. I noticed a month or so ago that I was struggling to read the lecture board and my eyes constantly felt strained.

I got my eyes checked at a local opticians and had an awful experience so I decided to go to Specsavers instead and they were life savers. I was in for a test and out with a pair of glasses that same day! I’m short sighted so I only need to wear them for driving, lectures or looking at anything far away.

I also received my grades for semester 1 this week and am very happy with my results. I managed to get an A, B+, B and a C+. I am over the moon with the A’s and B’s and at my uni A’s = 1st and B’s = 2:1. I am a little disappointed with the C+ as it was for a research report that I spent the most amount of time on.

However, as I study psychology, which is a science, the work is really difficult and the marking is often tough and specific. I tried my best and will take the feedback I received forward to hopefully improve my grades for second semester. I am a little nervous as I have more exams this term and I am definitely more inclined to essays and reports. I did get a B+ for the last one though so maybe I am getting better at the exam malarky!

The final thing that happened this week was next year’s committee elections for my society! I am currently musical director but decided to run for chair person this time. I am so excited to say that I got elected! Alex also ran for director and got elected too. We have always wanted to direct and musically direct together but I think it’s good we have each gotten to do it solo. I’m really looking forward to being on committee together though!

Here’s to the future!

Meg xo


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