Travelling is something I have always been keen to do and lately the urge to get out there and explore new places is stronger than ever. The last bit of travelling I did was in 2016 when my boyfriend and I took a trip around Europe together. I find myself reminiscing over that trip all the time and searching online to see if there is anything we can afford to do soon. As a result I created a travel bucket list filled with some of the places I want to visit in my life.

Ajaccio, Corsica

In no particular order here is a shortened version of my travel bucket list (I’d be here all day if I named everywhere) that I plan to add to and hopefully ‘tick off’ over time.

  1. A Great Tour of America – There are a few states I’ll mention by name on this list but a huge trip across the whole of America is something I would love to do. I have been looking at prices to do this recently and realise it is a very distant dream but tackling the Grand Canyon, Washington D.C, LA, Chicago and more in one trip would be amazing!
  2. Australia – Another biggie. Alex and I have spoken a few times about visiting in the future. I would love to see the wildlife and experience the ‘Ozzie’ culture, not to mention the big landmarks and beautiful scenery.
  3. Iceland – I really, really want to see the Northern Lights in person and love a bit of snow.
  4. South Africa – This is a really big one for me. I passed the opportunity to go when I was in secondary school as I was holding out for a New York and Washington trip that never happened. I adore animals and a big dream of mine is to go on a safari tour to see the savannahs and animals in their natural habitat. I’d do anything to meet an elephant up close! Here is a pic of me crossing a rope bridge over a swarm of alligators a few years ago in Florida to show you how badly I want this trip.

5. New York – I remember asking my grandad if he would take me here when I was little and my year was the first that my secondary school didn’t run their annual trip. I have always wanted to see a Broadway production and go ice skating in central park. My dream is to go to New York at Christmas time as it’s my favourite time of year and imagine it is truly magical. Maybe I could compare the West End and Broadway productions of Wicked one day – who knows!


6. San Fransisco – Sticking with the American theme ever since watching ‘The Princess Diaries’ as a child I have wanted to visit this city. As someone who is passionate about mental health I would also like to see the Golden Gate bridge in person in order to try and understand why so many people take their life there – sorry for the bummer.

7. Seattle – Last of the USA! Basically I am obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy and really want to visit where it was filmed and of course see the Space Needle. I’m coming for ya McDreamy!

8. Hong Kong – I would love to visit Hong Kong’s Disneyland and explore the Chinese culture.

9. Paris – The most romantic city in the world. Who wouldn’t love a weekend away here.

10. Amsterdam – I’d love to stroll along the canals and visit some of the famous museums.

11. Santorini & Mykonos – I think they look absolutely beautiful and I am yet to visit Greece.

12. Croatia – I absolutely fell in love with the look of Croatia. I think it’s stunning and would love to visit the national parks and explore to find beautiful waterfalls and views.

13. Mexico – I would LOVE to pay a visit to Cancun and Riveria Maya. Imagine sitting on the white sands, looking at the clear blue ocean with a cocktail in hand. I just think it looks lush.  I’d also love to visit Chichen Itza and the crystal caves.

14. Florida – This was never not going to be on this list. My favourite place in the world and happiness place on Earth that I’d go to back a million times over.


Is there anywhere you would add to this list?

Meg xo

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