The bizarre and FREEZING weather has got me reminiscing over every student’s dream coming true last semester in Worcester – a huge snow day! 

Heavy snow is very rare in Britain, especially at this time of year but before Christmas we had a gigantic downfall. Now, I know that snow can cause no ends of problems but I for one absolutely love it and have ever since I was a child. I was always the first child up from my neighbourhood calling for the others to go sledging. So it was no surprise that I was thrilled to wake up in a Worcester winter wonderland!


Speaking of Winter Wonderland that was the name of the panto we put on last semester and this snow fell on one of the weekends we were rehearsing. It had the potential to be a nightmare but most of our members were troopers and braved the cold for a picture in character! It was such a fun weekend filled with snowball fights, hot chocolate and rehearsing with my favourite people. We definitely made the most of our time despite the weather!


I loved dragging Alex out in the snow too and he did manage to take some photos of me that definitely capture how excited I was!


However, the snow didn’t end there. It continued to fall over night which meant something happened that we had all been praying for… lectures. were. cancelled! I adore my course, but in the run up to Christmas lecture content is more or less complete and we are focused on completing our assessments independently so I was thrilled!

I jumped up and Nikkii was ready and waiting for me to head out and build a snowman. We are so in sync! Here is our little creation. Meet Sid the Snowman!


We had a great day in the snow and even dragged Alex back outside for a bit to showcase our masterpiece! The snow really gave me the opportunity to make some amazing memories at university that I’ll remember for a long time.


I hope you stay safe and warm in this weather!

Meg xo

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