So I have recently joined my amazing friend Lucy’s campaign team to support her in the running for president of the students union at my university. I’m so excited to be working as part of this fantastic team who are going to do everything in our power to get Lucy elected. As a result, I thought I’d do a little blog to introduce our team! 


Here we are! There are six of us in total, (including Lucy), and we are all members of the uni’s musical theatre society. We have (left to right) Jordan, Zoe, Shannon, Lucy, myself and Callen. Lucy’s campaign colours are yellow and grey, so you’ll find us in these stunning, hand-made t-shirts around campus all week to answer any questions you have about Lucy and her manifesto.


Zoe, Callen and Shannon are all first year students and will be helping Lucy campaign among the huge fresher population! Callen studies Sports Coaching Science and P.E, Shannon studies Drama and Performance and Zoe studies a joint honours of Drama and Performance and English Literature! They are all supporting Lucy as she has not only been a huge part of their integration into our society but also because her manifesto is focused on the student voice and what they want. They are such lovely, approachable and genuine people that I am so happy to be working with! Don’t be afraid to approach them if you see them around campus.

Next we have Jordan Smith who is a third year Drama and Performance student, cheeky chappy and everyone’s favourite Milton Keynes man! Alongside Lucy and him being great friends, Jordan truly believes Lucy is the president the university needs and deserves and wants to make sure the SU is in the best possible hands as he finishes his university experience.

We then, obviously, have myself! You can find out more about me in my Meet Meg blog but I am supporting Lucy because I am honestly blown away with the way she has gone above and beyond to integrate those with disabilities into the university community and also her commitment to providing more campus based entertainment for students! Not to mention she is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met!

Last, but of course not least, we have the leading lady herself, Lucy Conn! Lucy is a third year Psychology student who is aiming to improve equality and awareness, promotion, entertainment and engagement if she is elected SU president. You can read more of her manifesto here . I honestly cannot think of a better candidate for this position and we will be supporting her the whole way!


Don’t be hesitant, vote LUCY for president!

Meg xo


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