If you read my ‘meet our campaign team‘ blog last week then you’ll know that we have spent every ounce of our time and energy campaigning for Lucy to be elected as the new president of the SU. I am delighted to say that all our hard work paid off and Lucy won! It’s been such a wild and wonderful experience that I wanted to document our week in this blog. 

The rules stated that campaigning could begin at 7pm last Friday and that is exactly when we began! We headed to karaoke night (as we always do) and made it our mission to speak to as may people as possible and include a ‘vote Lucy’ reference into every song we sang. We had the whole room chanting ‘don’t be hesitant, vote Lucy for president’ at one point!


Over the weekend we took to social media campaigning before the real work began first thing Monday morning. Our team were present on campus from 8:30am until 6:15pm EVERY day this week. We wanted to make sure we did absolutely everything we could to give Luce the best chance of winning. I’m sure the whole university population was sick of the sight of yellow and tired of me asking if they had voted yet and to put Lucy as their #1 choice – sorry guys.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t trying at times. My feet were constantly aching from being on my feet all day, I was sleep deprived from worry and trying to fit rehearsals, lectures and work around campaigning but we managed it and it was all 100% worth it.

Voting closed at 14:15 on Friday afternoon and the election results were held later that night. I think I can speak for our whole team when I say that we were our nerves had us feeling very sick. The first awards to be announced are the special awards for things like best poster and best slogan etc. I’m so thrilled to say that we won the best campaign team award!


There are three positions up for election; President, Vice President of Student Activities and Vice President of Education. President is announced last and the waiting was awful. The way they announce the results is hard to explain but as voters can put a second choice if a candidate is eliminated after a round then their second choice votes roll over. There were six candidates for President and Lucy obviously made it to the last two.

When her score was announced and we realised she had won we couldn’t contain our reaction. Jumping, screaming, crying – you name it, we did it! It was sheer elation and I am still on cloud nine. Lucy gave an emotional speech but maintained her amazing sense of humour. I’m not sure I mentioned this but Lucy is actually blind so she saw it only fitting to start her speech with “I certainly didn’t see this coming!”

We celebrated in style for the rest of the night. I have had the best week spending it with people I am so proud to call my friends. When they say you meet your friends for life at university they are definitely not wrong!


Here’s to Lucy leading us into my last year of uni,

Meg xo

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