Hello lovely people! As most of you will know I spend most of my weekends at university. I don’t tend to go home as I believe being at uni is the time to learn to be self sufficient and become accustomed to adult life. I also think I’d find it too hard to come back to uni every week if I constantly went home! Most Sunday’s a few friends and myself tend to go out for a carvery at a student pub where we get discount but this week we decided to make our own. This is how we got on…

We spent the day at my friend Shannon’s house as she has a nice, big dining room table we could use and a large communal area to chill. We all brought something with us to contribute to the dinner – Alex and I got the chicken, Shan and Zoe got gammon and veg and Jordan treated us to some premium sauces and fizzy pop!

It worked out that the girls cooked and the boys waited patiently for their dinner as no one wanted too many cooks in the kitchen – they did find me with my hand inside the chicken very amusing though! We also had a bit of a nightmare with the meat at first as the fat from the gammon started to smoke and filled the whole house up but we soon sorted it out and crisis was averted!

Whilst the food was cooking, it was so nice to sit around and have a chill. I live in an annexe that doesn’t have a living room so it was really lovely to get to spend time in a communal area chatting and lounging for the afternoon.

We served up food and I have to say we did ourselves bloody proud! The meat was cooked so well and the stuffing and veg were gorgeous. We could have left the potatoes in for a bit longer but they were still yummy and of course who doesn’t love a good Yorkshire pud!

We attempted to make some strawberry angel delight for dessert but we had to rush off to our committee meeting in the evening so it came down to a few spoonfuls on the way out! Overall, it was such a lovely way to spent my Sunday am I am forever grateful for the wonderful friends I have made since starting uni.


How do you spend your Sunday’s?

Meg xo

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