Hello again! As I’m sure many of you will have guessed if you follow my Instagram, I am enjoying a much needed few weeks at home over Easter break. It is so nice to be able to take things at a slower pace and enjoy spending time with my family without the constant stress of uni taking over. Last easter was a pretty turbulent one as my dad had a stroke, so needless to say I was a bit anxious and apprehensive about the break this year. However, I have done some really lovely things so my anxiety is slowly disappearing. Here’s what I got up to…

Firstly, I have been determined to get back behind the wheel of my car and build my confidence up enough to be able to drive back to Worcester. This has meant I’ve gotten to spend some quality time with my amazing grandad which has been lush. He’s been my co pilot in the car every day, taken me to the garage to get some new tyres and my hand break sorted and helped me change my oil and water. I’m slowly starting to feel more at home on the road so fingers crossed I should make it back to uni in one piece!

I have also enjoyed just spending time in my home town, it’s amazing how the little things like going to your local lunch spot can make you feel so happy and at home. On Saturday I discovered a new coffee shop that I had never tried before and it was amazing! I got a hot chocolate with an Easter egg INSIDE IT! Yep that’s right a hot chocolate inside an easter egg covered in lots of gooey caramel, little golden eggs and fudge pieces. I was in absolute chocolate heaven. I also like to support all the local independent shops and cafes as they are the heart of my little Welsh market town.

29996104_1835786946488674_220397912_oI always like to do some festive baking for every holiday of the year but on a student budget I didn’t have the money to be making extravagant cakes or cookies this time. Instead Alex and I opted for some yummy and straight forward easter nests!

29954768_1835786893155346_308895279_o The ingredients are really cheap, I think in total these cost us around £4 and the recipe is so simple. You literally mix some butter, golden syrup and chocolate in a bowl over some simmering water until they are all mixed together and melted into chocolatey goodness, mix in the cornflakes until fully covered and then measure out into the cake cases.

Leave them to chill for about an hour and hey presto you’ve got you some easter treats. As we were pretty spontaneous in our decision to make them, the shops had sold out of mini eggs so we used marshmallows for decoration. 29893862_1835786883155347_1946983290_o

I’ve spent Easter Sunday with my family and Alex joined us for a yummy easter dinner prepared by my nan. I even convinced Alex to have a drive in our car too to build his confidence. I have a few more exciting plans for this easter break as I’m going to see Sam Smith next week (eeep) but for now I’m going to curl up on the sofa, watch some films and enter a chocolate coma. 29893724_1835786949822007_119660770_o

Happy Easter!

Meg xo

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