So yesterday was filled with old friends and lots of fun at Loco Show Co’s reunion! This is an event that we run every few years to welcome back old members and have a fun time together with lots of Loco generations. This year we had two events; one in the daytime and one at night to cater for everyone! It was such a lovely day that I thought a blog was definitely needed to remember it! 

The daytime event kicked off at 12pm at a local park. We had a BBQ and lots of games that were planned by our lovely chair person Lucy. We got allocated to either the red team or the yellow team for a series of fun little tasks like guess the loco member and pass the balloon that got each team points – it’s fair to say we all got every competitive!

When then had a break for some food and drink. It was so nice to catch up with some of my closest friends from last year who I hadn’t seen for agesss and to be reunited with my besties that I hadn’t seen over Easter break.

We then competed in a game of rounders where some rare pictures of me running where captured! It was great fun even if the yellow team did finish last and miss out of the chocolate prizes!

The daytime event finished up at around 4pm and we headed back home for some rest and to change for the evening bit. My old housemate and good friend Lydia stayed with us over the weekend along with her boyfriend Ryan so we used the time to have a gossip and a catch up before heading out.

We had a blast singing karaoke, remembering all our old dance routines and part taking in all of Loco’s traditional vocal warm ups and quirky joke songs! It was nice to meet people that were in the society before I was and hear all about their experiences and memories. It definitely made me realise how lucky I am to have met so many amazing people at my time so far at university. I also haven’t got that long left here so I have decided I need to enjoy every last minute of being a student! I mean, when else is it acceptable to drink wine out of mason jars at midday in a field with all you mates?


Meg xo


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