Hello! I am sorry it’s been so long since my last post, describing uni as stressful would be an under statement at the moment! Everything seems to be going to wrong lately and I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed and pretty down. However, I knew I had a weekend at home to look forward too and it was definitely worth the wait. My lovely Nanny Jenny turned 70 today and my family have been planning a surprise meal for her since the start of the year!

She was told that she would be going for a meal with my dad, aunty and uncle and that no one else was able to make it. Little did she know that we would all be waiting at the restaurant to surprise her on her big day. It’s felt like we are all part of a top secret mission due to how extra my family are. Whispered phone calls, hiding in the car park and complaining about the family that ‘can’t attend’ within her ear shot.

When we arrived she was so happy and the smile on her face was honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. “What are you lot doing yer” she exclaimed in her lush little Welsh accent. There was a table all set out for us with the birthday balloons in the best spot. We all ordered a Sunday roast and it was bloody lovely.

I don’t see my family that often anymore due to living in Worcester for university so I sometimes forget just how crazy they are. They have literally have no filter, were 5 pints down by 1pm and are some of the funniest people I know. There’s no question where I get it from – I laughed out loud through my whole lunch.

It was also so good to see my dad out and about. He has come so far since his stroke in April last year and Alex welled up with how much better he has gotten since the last time her saw him which was when he was in hospital! A year later and I’m so blessed.

Once our food and dessert (of course) had been demolished, the surprise cake made its appearance. I have literally never seen anyone so thrilled with a birthday cake before. My nan has always put everyone else before herself. She cares for my dad, she looks after all her grandchildren, family and friends and will always make sure you are happy before she thinks about herself. For a change it was for her to be the centre of attention and spoilt a bit. I’m so grateful to have such a big, loving and supportive family and one motto I live by is never take them for granted.

Is there anything a bit of family time can’t solve?

Meg xo

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