So the past few weeks have been some of the toughest I’ve faced since starting uni. My daily routine is getting up at 6:15am and getting home at midnight every night. I have a production of Grease to put on, exams and deadlines around every corner and Alex is on placement all day everyday so I don’t get to see him much either. How do I do it? This is a question I am asked daily – “how do you do it all”, “how do you fit everything you do into one day” etc, etc. The answer is I have absolutely no idea! I’m a firm believer in making the most of every minute I’m at university but lately things have gotten a little too much even for me. However, the one thing I can always rely on to pick me up and dust me off is my amazing group of uni friends. 


There are honestly not enough good adjectives in the world to describe them. Now I know everyone does the whole ‘you meet you real friends at uni’ spiel and before I came I didn’t really believe it but it honestly couldn’t be more true. Don’t get me wrong I have some good friends at home but how I feel about my uni lot in comparison doesn’t really come close.

I think it’s because you deal with real grown up issues at university. For the first time (usually) in your life you have real money worries, you have bills to pay, you live alone, you have started proper adulthood and that’s a lot to deal with on your own. I know I always have my family who are the greatest and always there for me when I need them and Alex who has literally dragged me through this year at times when I’ve hit rock bottom but having a strong support network of friends at university really makes all the difference.

This lot have become my new little family. I always have someone to vent to, cry on, get drunk with, get messy fries or revise with or sit in the SU contemplating life choices for 6 hours with. I honestly don’t know how people survive uni without people like this in their life. It’s also different to friendships you make before uni as you go through the same things. You all understand what it’s like to be stressed over having 7 exams in one week or that you have 12 hours of rehearsals on Saturday and again on Sunday.

Another big reason I think uni friends are the ones are because they don’t judge you (or at least mine don’t). I always felt at school that no matter how close you think you are with someone there’s always some level of judgement or bitchiness because of the nature of secondary school. At uni I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve never been comfortable with my weight or my appearance or my habits but I am when I’m at uni. I can do me. Your friends support you and encourage you. Like you wanna get drunk at 1pm you go for it, you wanna wear a sexy outfit you go for it, you need to change course you go for it. You do you are that’s okay with us kinda thing, we’ll support you.

I have two more weeks left of exams and then I’m free to focus on our musical and making the most of my time left with this beautiful bunch.


I hope you all have uni friends as good as mine.

Meg xo



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