I can’t quite believe I have finished my second year of university! It feels like both a second and lifetime ago that I moved to Worcester as a fresher and now I only have one year of undergraduate study to go! This year has been extremely taxing at times, sometimes I wonder if I have taken on too much and the answer is probably yes. Balancing three jobs, a degree, a committee position alongside everything else has almost killed me off but I made it and I’m looking forward to what I have in store over the next few months.

The Union Awards – Every year the Student’s Union run two awards nights or ball type things; The Colours Ball for sports achievements and The Union Awards for society and academic achievements. I am absolutely thrilled to say that I have been nominated and shortlisted for Society Committee Member of the Year for my work as musical director of Loco! Loco have also been nominated for Society of the Year, Society Committee of the Year and Event of the Year for our pantomime. It’s always a great night with friends so win or lose I’m really looking forward to going next week.


Grease – Now that exams are over I can fully focus on and enjoy the final stages of            putting on Grease with Loco. This experience is bitter sweet as although I am Chair            Person next year, I will no longer be MD so I am determined to enjoy every last minute of the week ahead and put on the best show Loco has ever seen.

Demi Lovato – On the 12th June I am going to see my idol and absolute favourite artist Demi perform in Birmingham. For those who know me, I have been obsessed with this lady since I was 9 and I have waited so long for her to come to the UK with a tour of her own. Demi’s music and her sharing the struggles she has faced has inspired me and gotten me through a lot of tough points in my life. I was also lucky enough to meet her in 2014 when she toured with Enrique Iglesias!


5 Year Anniversary – The 15th June this year marks 5 years since Alex and I became an item. I’m not sure what’s more surreal the fact that we have been together that long or the fact that I am now 20! We are both so, so broke at the minute and were hoping to do something really nice but I think it’s gonna be a microwave dinner and some Netflix by the looks. Whatever we decide to do to celebrate, as long as we are together it’ll be special to me – I know, soppy or what?


Blogging Event – I have also been invited to attend giffgaff’s game plan blogging event in Birmingham on the 12th July to both participate in the charity games and cover the day on my blog. I am unsure if I can attend as of yet but it’s an amazing opportunity that I will keep you posted on!

Going Home – Unfortunately, Alex’s course doesn’t finish until the 20th June so we will be staying in Worcester until then. However, I am so looking forward to spending the summer at home. I have my car now (even though I can’t afford petrol atm) so we can do some day trips and just enjoy being back on Welsh soil and time with family. I have applied for a research position with my University over the summer and please send me all the good thought because I really, really, really want and need this job. If I get it I’ll be commuting to Worcester once a week but if not I’m going to have to find any job I can at home as I desperately need some summer income and hate going into my overdraft.

Although my summer isn’t as jam packed as last year and there are no holidays in sight, I am looking forward to everything in store without the pressure of uni.


I hope you have some fun summer plans too!

Meg xo

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