So if you’ve been keeping up with my blog, then you’ll know that I was nominated and shortlisted for Society Committee Member of the Year at my university’s student union awards for my role as musical director. I am so overwhelmed and thrilled to be able to say I won! It was a wonderful evening that means an awful lot to me and that I’ll never forget. 


If I’m completely honest being MD for Loco Show Co. this year has drained me both physically and emotionally. I literally could not have given more of my time to the society and have put every last ounce of energy into them and the music I have written and taught. It has been the most difficult but rewarding thing I have ever done. I’ve overcome challenges, learnt a lot about myself and grown into a person I am proud of whilst fulfilling this role. I’ve put Loco and the shows we perform above everything else in my life – my degree, my jobs, my relationship, you name it. Having said this, I took on this commitment and never expect to be thanked for doing my role but this was the best thank you I could have asked for and it was nice to know that the work I have done and slowly killing myself off has been appreciated by so many people.

Speaking of commitment, I honestly could not do what I do without my absolutely outstanding production team. These guys have shown the exact same work ethic, passion and dedication to their roles – Charys as choreographer and Jordan as our original stage managed who since stepped up to become the most wonderful director when we needed him. I wish I could have pulled a mean girls and shared the award with them. This is why I am so proud to also be able to say that we also won the award for Society Event of the Year for our pantomime Winter Wonderland. This award represents all the hard work everyone in the society put in to contribute to the performance and really is everyone’s award. Without the support of Charys and Jordan though, I don’t think I’d have coped.

I also couldn’t do what I do without my amazing boyfriend, best friend and hero all thrown into one. This phenomenal man has kept me going when I hit breaking point this year. Yes taking on the amount I have this year has been my own fault but I am a firm believer in making the most of the time we have to live and Alex has made sure I haven’t had to compromise this about myself. When my routine every day is 6am start and 11:30pm finish he has held me when I cried, put up with me practicing music all day every day and proof listened harmonies about a million times. Sometimes you just need someone to remind you that you’re gonna be okay and you’re doing a good job and this one reminds me every single day.

I realise this blog is turning into just a big thank you but I’m okay with that (hopefully you are too) as it’s important to me that those that deserve recognition get it. My family obviously are always supportive and tell me how proud they are 24/7. There’s nothing like a phone call from my mum reminding me of who I am and that I shouldn’t care about my critics as much.

Sorry to bring the mood down but part of me does try and achieve everything I can right now so the people I love are still around to see me do it and I can make them proud. I nearly lost my dad and no matter how many times I try and convince myself grandparents are immortal angels that live forever I know they are not. I wanna make sure everyone in my family sees me do well while they can as without them I would have nothing.

Swiftly moving on before the dumping ground dust gets to me (Tracey Beaker reference had to be done), I have the best friends in the world to thank too. They literally lift my spirits, support and love me always. As you can probably tell from the pics in this blog and on my Instagram account, we had a massive pre awards gathering and photoshoot in my garden before heading off together. I’m so glad because not only am I photo obsessed but I have snapshot memories from the day I can keep forever. Half of this beautiful lot are finished with uni now so won’t be around much next year and this literally breaks my heart but let’s move on before the dumping ground dust returns and show you some more pics of my gorgeous friends.

Finally, we also won Tramps Nightclub’s Society of the Year Award which was a huge surprise and achievement. Our social secs have been great and it’s no secret we love the sesh and dressing up in different themes which you’ll know if you’ve seen my other blogs.


All in all it was a fabulous night and I know I will treasure this award and its reminder of all the good parts of being MD forever.

Meg xo



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