Yesterday I hosted a pool party in my hometown for all my lovely uni friends. I couldn’t stand the fact that I wouldn’t see them until September (or even Christmas for those that have already finished their degrees), so I wanted to do something special for them all during the summer break. 

Everyone arrived by 11:15am when we attempted to put up the 12 man tent that Ebony had brought along. It was a struggle but we got there eventually and didn’t do too bad a job if I do say so myself! Once that was out of the way, we grabbed our drinks, swimmers and inflatable toucan and headed over to my grandparents house to the pool. I’m really lucky that my grandparents literally live on the next street over from mine which is a 5 minute walk if that so we were there in no time with the whole day still ahead of us.


We swam, played some volleyball, lounged on the inflatables and had many a water fight with the squirting cannons. Whilst we were having our fun, my incredible family were busy preparing food for us. I can’t thank my Nanna and Grandad enough for letting us use their house and giving us such a lovely welcome. My nan even cleared out the shed so we had a pool table to use.


However, I have to give the biggest shout out and thank you to my incredible mum as she not only brought all the food and snacks, but prepared and cooked everything and went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a great time. She made us a BBQ course, a chicken wraps with salad and fries course, a cheese course and a dessert course along with making us all bacon butties the next morning. She’s an absolute gem.


In between all this amazing food, we distributed time between the hot tub, pool and just hanging out on the loungers.


When everyone had filled their boots with pool time we headed back to my house for an evening of games, jamming and drinking. Do you think we had enough supplies?!


We had a great evening, it was so strange but lovely having everyone at my house. Some people couldn’t hack the pace and fell asleep on the sofas whilst the rest of us camped out in the tent. There were a few interesting mishaps and ordeals throughout the night but all things I know we will look back at and laugh at. After all, there’s never a low key night when we are involved!

We finally managed to get some sleep at around 5am before being woken by my lovely mum who had prepared a mountain of bacon ready to mend the hangovers! Then, just like that, the weekend I had been looking forward to so much had come to an end and the last of my friends headed home or to catch a train.

It’s bittersweet really as a lot of those I am closet too have now finished uni and have real adult jobs meaning I won’t see them at all really, at least not for a while. I’m so proud and happy for them but I really am going to miss them and I’m not sure what the year ahead will hold for our little group. Whatever happens, I know this lot are my friends for life and I can’t wait for the next gathering.

I hope you had a great weekend too!


Meg xo

2 thoughts on “SUMMER POOL PARTY

  1. Thanks for sharing, that looks like such a fun party. Glad you had a good time with your friends and bacon is always a great hangover cure.


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