Hello lovelies! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted – adult life properly took over as I was working 35 hours a week and had little spare time to blog. However, I am back now and have lots of new content coming your way over the next few weeks!

This week Alex and I moved back to Worcester for our final year at University! I know right, I can’t believe it either. There’s something extra special about moving back this time as Alex and I have officially moved in together and have our own little home! I thought I’d take some time to do a little tour of what we’ve managed to decorate so far. 

For those of you that follow my posts on the Worcester Student Life website you’ll probably be thinking you recognise this house. That’s because Alex actually moved into the place I was already living last year. To explain, we live in an Annexe that is attached to a 6 bedroom house next door. The house and the annexe are separate properties but are connected and share some things like heating and a garden etc.

The Annexe is split into two bedrooms. Mine from last year is upstairs and Alex rents the downstairs room that we have tried to turn into a living room. Each room also has an ensuite so we have two bathrooms along with a kitchen and small dining area. Although we do consider this our first house together, we are still restricted by the laws of student properties but we have done our best to make it as homely as possible without sticking things to the walls etc.

Firstly, we have the upstairs bedroom which as you can see is a purple palace. Purple is my favourite colour so I was thrilled when I saw that the walls were painted this way. These photos are from last year but we haven’t moved much around up there apart from moving the keyboard downstairs.


This is our bed area which is super cosy. We actually have a brand new bed this year which is SO COMFY! I’m enjoying sleeping like a baby next to my love. My mum got me the bedding on sale from next in my first year and the pillows were gifts from my sister. The fairy lights were £2 from Primark so the house as a whole is a DIY student budget dream. If you have any questions about where I got certain things shown in this blog leave a comment and I’ll try and remember where I got everything.

The upstairs room is split by the stairs that lead straight into the bedroom and a bannister. The second half is where one of our desks and wardrobes are and also leads to the upstairs ensuite.


Coming downstairs, we decided to turn this bedroom into a living area the best we could by moving things around. I really wanted to turn the bed into a sofa and I spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to do this. Pinterest was my friend and I eventually had an idea. My wonderful Nan can take all the credit though as she made me a back board, some cushions and bean bags out of fabric and pillows that I brought. I placed them all on the bed and draped my 100 fairy lights along the curtain pole and across the wall to create this cosy little nook. What do you think of my DIY sofa?


I then turned the other desk into another cute study area and updated a photo board with all our favourite people. Having the desk behind the TV makes the room feel so much bigger and makes for a really nice place to work. I look forward to late night study sessions here.



Last but not least we also created a little corner for my keyboard so we can play regularly and it’s not in the way. I love these chunky fairy lights that were a Christmas present and couldn’t resist hanging them on that bare bit of wall. As you call tell I’m a fairy light fan!


We still have a few boxes to unpack and I started a new job this week so am out of the house most of the time, but I think we are getting there. I absolutely love being creative with my living space and really wanted to make our new home as comfortable and cosy as possible!

Here’s to the next year here!

Meg xo

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