Just like that my third and final fresher’s week has come and gone! It’s bittersweet really as I know that my time at uni is coming to an end this year but I’m also going to miss living the carefree student life during freshers week. This has been a whirlwind of a week and has been sooo busy I’ve barely had time to stop and think, so I thought I’d write this blog to reflect on a fab final freshers. 

Shannon’s 21st Birthday Surprise 

One of my absolute besties turned 21 and we did lots of lovely things to celebrate. Although I missed the daytime things because I was at work, I more than made up for it in the evening. Zoe had arranged a surprise for Shan in the shape of a private Karaoke booth in town (with some amazing drinks included) so we spent the night singing our hearts out – the perfect way to kick of the week.


Hawaiian Night

Shan had arranged a second birthday night out as she didn’t know about the karaoke so we all followed her wishes and dressed up ready for a Hawaiian themed night!


Cider Festival/ House Warming Party/ Adam from Love Island 

Sunday night was a biggie and an amazing night. If you’ve seen my previous blog you’ll know that I performed at the fresher’s cider festival with Harry.


Afterwards, we headed to our friend’s house for their housewarming party. It was such a fun evening and it was lovely to be reunited with people I love who I hadn’t seen for agessss. We danced, drank and of course had a photo shoot (we love to be extra).


We then headed to Tramps to see Tom Zannetti perform and meet Adam from Love Island for a laugh. He was actually a decent lad and we had a blast.


Societies Fair and Scribble Social 

We started recruiting new members for Loco 2018/19 this week! It all started with the societies fair which we were at from 9:30 until 15:30. We were out in full form in our blue tops and spoke to so many lovely students. Hopefully we managed to get lots of new members for our society.


At 17:30 we met in the Hangar and started our Scribble Social! This is a little early for a social but we embraced it and had a wild night in the end. It was a welcome feeling being back at Mode, getting £5 deals and having fun with Loco. I didn’t take many photos as I was in no fit state but here is one I managed to snap. It was fab to have some freshers joining us too.


Taster Session

Friday we had our cast taster session and I was THRILLED with many newbies came along to see what we are all about! Roll on our panto read through on Monday!


As usual we headed to the ever famous karaoke night at the SU afterwards. That’s a loco tradition that will never die!

VK Takeover 

We did pop along to the VK take over on Saturday evening but Jord was down for the weekend and we are all exhausted so we left pretty early.

Overall, it was a hectic but amazing week to kick off third year! I can’t believe my lectures start tomorrow – eeek!

Here’s to my final year of university,

Meg xo

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