Hello lovelies! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post – third year is craaazzzyyy busy! However, that is what I thought I’d chat about today as although it is chaotic, it’s shaping up to be pretty memorable so far. 

I made a promise to myself when I enrolled at university in 2016 (!) that I would make sure I made the absolute most out of my university experience. Each to their own and everything but I honestly don’t understand people that do the bare minimum at uni and get involved with nothing and don’t embrace all the wonderful opportunity that surrounds you. I think I’ve done pretty well so far and have achieved more than I ever thought possible buuut (being the perfectionist I am) there is ALWAYS room for improvement. After all, every uni student knows how important it is to come out of your course with more than just a degree that thousands of other people will also have.

This year I have continued in my three other paid positions at the university as a student wellbeing champion, digital ambassador and student life blogger, but have also started a new job as a welcome desk assistant at the student’s union. I am absolutely loving having four jobs that I genuinely enjoy and get so much out. Having four jobs alongside my degree and society commitments does mean I am strapped for any spare time but it’s worth it to be doing something rewarded and improving my future employability.


Of course Loco is still in the picture too! Being musical director last year was a wonderful, challenging and immensely rewarding experience – winning society committee member of the year and putting on two amazing shows will always be a highlight of my life let alone time at university. However, this year I am swapping the music scores for meeting agendas as Chair Person. It’s a huge responsibility being  in charge of the running of an entire society but I’m enjoying it so much at the moment. Being chair also means I get to be in cast and perform again which is the reason I joined Loco in the first place.

I am so excited to say I have been cast as the Sugarplum Fairy in our upcoming production of ‘Shrek the Pantomime’ written by my lovely and talented boyfriend. I am still in awe of how well he is doing and how fantastic the script is. The response he has had is insane and everyone is so ready to get started with rehearsals next week. I’m ready to get my dancing shoes back on like I did at last week’s dance auditions!


Now naturally when you mention being a third year the next question you get is ‘oh how is your dissertation going?’ When I moved back to Worcester I was absolutely dreading starting the biggest academic project of my life! However, I have to say I am buzzing about it at the moment! My dissi tutor is an actual angel, I genuinely believed she was sent down from the research project gods to help me. I chose to specialise my project on mood disorders and so put my tutor and her mood disorder research group at the top of my list for tutor allocation. I am so thankful that I am one of only 4 students that get to work with my tutor and her team as we get so much support.

From the first meeting she was so enthusiastic about my project ideas and wish to look at addiction and mood disorders. What’s special about my group is that we get to work with data that has been collected by the research group rather that collecting data from scratch with stricter ethical limitations like most other people. I haven’t finalised my title yet but I think I am going to be looking at alcohol addiction in bipolar disorder. I am so excited about doing a project on something I am passionate about and can’t wait to get my teeth in writing all 10,000 words of it!

The downside of being so busy is that I won’t get to go home until Christmas break which makes me so sad. I miss my family so much and not seeing them for 4 months is proving difficult. However, my mum is popped in for a visit on Monday to deliver some bits which will gave me the push I needed to maintain my crazy life.

I hope whatever you are doing at the minute is rewarding and lovely too!

Meg xo


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