I recently did an interview for BBC Hereford and Worcester about drinking culture at university. I found the interview ridiculous as they were basically trying to dig dirt and paint us student’s in the typical negative light. I wasn’t having any of it and as a result they decided to cut our interview content and seek out randomers in town that would give in to the stereotype and tell them what they wanted to hear.

Since then I’ve been reflecting on my experience of the social side of university and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a hardworking individual with four part time jobs, a committee position within my society and am on track for a sound grade in my degree all of which I balance alongside my social inventory. If I choose to go and let my hair down once or twice a week when I can find time then why should that be a bad thing? I thought I would write this blog as a reminder of why socialising with your friends and letting off steam is so important at university. 

On an average week, I would usually go out and socialise two nights – Wednesday night social and Friday night karaoke. Every other night I am either in the library or at a rehearsal. I have to say that Wednesday night social is my favourite. I absolutely adore making costumes from scratch and dressing up in a set theme each week. I love being creative and when you get to that mid week dip, having a night with your friends definitely keeps me pushing forward.

I haven’t been able to go to all the socials I have wanted to this year due to illness, lack of sleep and the chaos of third year. I also have a 9am lecture the next morning at city campus so I have to choose wisely which night’s I stay out later than 11pm! However, I’ve gone all out for the ones I have been too costume wise. Here’s a little look at our socials so far this semester.

80s Social 

After going to my mum (aka the 80s guru) for inspiration she suggested Alex and I going a Scooby-Doo characters! I loved this idea and straight away knew Velma was the one for me. Alex went as shaggy but I upgraded my phone and lost all the photos of us together. I brought some clip in bangs for 99p from Ebay and an orange top in the New Look sale for £4 that I now wear all the time. The rest was stuff I already owned.


Glitter Social 

When this theme was announced it had everyone shook. We were all so excited to get our glitter on and all clubbed together for a ‘glitter pool’ that we all used. The face gems were £2 from Primark and the gel and other glitter came to £3 I think so between all of us we had spent around £1. I was so happy with the end result – although I could have done a better job of Alex’s glitter beard.


Dress to Impress 

This one is a Loco classic that makes an annual appearance. It’s a little different to our typical social at MODE and Tramps as we go to a lovely little cocktail bar called the Conservatory that has 2-4-1 cocktails on all night. This has been my favourite social of the year so far. I adore the conservatory, it has always been my favourite bar in Worcester and is a bit of a hidden gem. I loved dressing up all fancy and spending time with friends in a more chill environement – you can actually hear each other talk and you get to play more ‘get to know you games.’ It’s was lush.


The cocktails are also AMAZING. My cocktail of choice this night was a Strawberry Spritz which is made up from a double shot pink gin, strawberry liquor, lemonade, mint and some other alcohol I can’t remember the name of. It’s so yummy and when they are two for one you really can’t go wrong.


Next week’s theme is animal kingdom so I need to get my thinking cap on for a costume idea. I guess the moral of this blog is that just because I enjoy letting my hair down with friends and make the most of the social university experience doesn’t make me reckless or irresponsible. It means I am making the most of my university experience and making some fabulous memories with some pretty amazing people.


I’m just going to keep living my best life for as long as I can. I hope you are too.

Meg xo


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