I feel like I’m experiencing a lot of ‘lasts’ lately. As a third year student, I’m very aware that soon my university experience will come to an end and I’ll be starting the next chapter of  my life. This weekend I celebrated my last uni bonfire night with some of my favourite people by doing something a little bit different. 

Usually, we would pay £6 to get into Pitchcroft race course to watch the fireworks and go to the fair. However, this year we spontaneously decided to climb the Malvern Hills to see the firework views from the top.

Climbing the Malvern Hills is something I’ve had on my bucket list for a while and have been determined to do before I leave Worcester. Shannon’s boyfriend Toby is from Malvern and kindly drove us from the train station to the car park on the hills. Having someone who knew their way around definitely helped as navigation (especially in the dark) is not my strong point.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m really not okay with the dark. I get really jumpy and paranoid, so deciding to climb through the woods and up the hills in the pitch black could have finished me off. However, I got a grip and we made it to a nice spot near the top.


It was SO cold and super windy but definitely worth it. We could see fireworks from Malvern, Hereford and Worcester along with a few bonfires. Shan and I were far more excited than the boys but I think everyone had a lovely time. The photos really don’t do it justice.

Once the cold had gotten the better of us, we headed back down and went for a late night Maccies followed by a midnight Morrison’s trip. I don’t care what anyone says – a late night supermarket trip is exciting!

It was lovely to do something a bit different. I’ve had a really stressful few weeks due to difficult people, situations and all those adult stresses so clearing my head at the top of the Malvern Hills was well needed.


I hope you celebrated bonfire night in style too!

Meg xo

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