This week in Worcester is called ‘Progression Week’ which is basically a reading week where there are no scheduled lectures for students. This is also because it is graduation week! Everyone that completed their degrees in May come back to graduate in style at Worcester Cathedral! Here’s what we got up to to celebrate all my graduate, clever clogg friends.

The first graduation of the week was Psychology and Drama so it was Lucy, Jordan and Ebony’s time to shine. Lucy graduated in the morning and her guide dog Liv also got kitted out in graduation gear to celebrate getting through three years at University! I don’t have any pictures to share but trust me it was THE cutest thing ever. Luce is always there to guide me through any course issues I’m struggling and I hope that this time next year I am graduating with a first just like her.


Next came Jord and Eb, who were two out of only four people to get First Class Degrees in their year group! Firstly, how good do they look?! A real life graduation King and Queen. I’m going to use pictures of Jord to try and convince Alex to scrub up a bit as he currently wants to wear shorts to our graduation. Our amazing gantry gal Em also got a first with this clever bunch and looked stunning as ever.


We celebrated that evening with some drinks at The Crown followed by the sesh in The Flag. I didn’t make it to the flag but it was so nice to see everyone so happy and back together. Jord, Eb, Alex and I went for a Poppins brekkie the next day to spend some quality time as a foursome. I used to see them everyday last year and this week has reminded me of how much has changed over the last few months and how much I miss them. If you’re reading this, come back to me forever please.


Nikkii’s graduation was on Friday morning and as always she slayed. I watched her work so hard last year and spent many hours proof reading essays and giving pep talks – especially during dissertation season. This gal went through a lot during her time at uni and I’m so glad we made it through together.

I’m really am so proud of everyone for not only graduating, but going straight into jobs that they love. Ebony is a wowing people in Devon with her incredible voice and performing every night whilst Jord is working full time in a secondary school. Nikkii is working in a behaviour management school and Lucy is President of the Student’s Union. It really inspires me to work my but off this year so I can say the same about myself next year – wish me luck.

Seeing my friends this week has given me the motivation I need to smash the next half term. It’s going to be a busy one but I’m ready to face the challenge head on knowing I’ve got the support of so many amazing people in my life.

Meg xo



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