Hello and welcome to my second day of Blogmas! I don’t know about you but Christmas for me is one of the busiest times of year. I love having some many festive things to do but on top of assessment deadlines, student responsibilities and the general Christmasy commitments, it can sometimes be easy to get overwhelmed.

I saw a post on Pinterest recently that listed some ideas for looking after yourself during busy life periods so I thought I would have a go at writing my own list – and what better time to start than at Christmas! I’ve come up with a list of activities to count us down to the big day aimed to promote self care, being kind to others and getting into the festive spirit.

  1. Go to bed an hour earlier than usual – getting enough sleep is so important and is an easy way to help you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.
  2. Smile at a stranger – not only does the act of smiling sends neural messages to your brain that increase happiness, but it can also make someone else’s day.
  3. 5 minute dance party  – inspired by Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy why not get shake your thang to your favourite song in your bedroom. An instant positive mood maker.
  4. Take an extra long shower/bath – treat yourself to a long soak with all your best products
  5. Ten minutes of mindfulness – take a minute to focus on your breathing and what’s going on in the present.
  6. Send a positive message to a friend – let your loved ones know that they are special to you. Tell them that you hope they have a good day or that you’re grateful for the things they do.
  7. Take a walk – Fresh air, exercise and a good playlist to clear your head.
  8. Paint your nails  – Choose a festive colour and give your nails a little pamper
  9. Watch a Christmas movie  – if you’re anything like me a good christmas film with a cup of hot chocolate can make the perfect end to a busy day
  10. Write some Christmas cards  – try and make each message personal – no cards with just To/From
  11. Search for Christmas lights – go on stroll with a partner or a friend to spot some of the Christmas lights and decorations around your neighbourhood
  12. Shave your legs – sounds like a basic but shaving your legs and moisturising can make you feel sexy and fantastic
  13. Change your bed sheets  – pair this with a fresh pair of pjs and you’re on to a winner
  14. Tell someone you love them – you know what they say, if you love someone let them know 
  15. Dress in Christmas colours – a fun (and low key) way to incorporate some Christmas spirit into your day
  16. Sing in the shower  – this is honestly one of my favourite ways to boost my mood. Sing your heart out to your favourite tunes.
  17. Have a phone free day  – I know this can be difficult but try and use your phone less and focus on the people in front of you.
  18. A random act of kindness – anything from holding a door open to paying for someone’s coffee. Kindness can go a long way.
  19. Look through some old photos – Memories are a great way to help me feel better after a tough day.
  20. Have a night out – Let of some steam with your pals and dance the night away
  21. Bake some festive treats – Spend the afternoon baking some yummy goodies by yourself our with your friends.
  22. Volunteer – give your time this Christmas. I’m going to be volunteering at a senior citizen tea dance!
  23. Take part in secret santa – organise or participate in a gift exchange with a group of friends or family. You don’t have to spend much money – it’s the thought that counts.
  24. Wrap your presents  – throw on some Christmas music or a movie with your best ribbons and bows at hand. I find this a great way to get excited about Christmas day.
  25. Donate to a gift aid scheme – give a gift to someone less fortunate than yourself this Christmas.

These don’t have be done in order but I’m looking forward to giving all these a try – I hope you are too!

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo

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