This Wednesday’s social was a little bit different for our society as we hosted the first official ‘Loco Christmas Meal.’ As I’m a Christmas fiend, I helped Callen out and took the lead on organising this event for our members.

I started by doing a bit of research into which restaurants in Worcester city centre offered Christmas meals or set menus. When going out for food as student’s it can be difficult as we are bound by the restrictions of a student budget and as our society is so large, we needed a venue that could accommodate a large party.

From my research I chose three options that I thought would work for our group – Zizzi’s, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Wildwood Kitchen. Zizzi’s and Wildwood both offered a Christmas menu where you could get three courses for a set price, whereas GBK offered a normal deal along with choice of the everyday menu. After posting a poll on our socials page, GBK was a clear winner so I went ahead and contacted them about making a booking.

They were able to offer us 25 places for the meal and 3 free complimentary bottles of wine! As I said, we were able to choose from the typical menu which had lots of choice, or from the all rounder menu which included a burger, small fries and refillable drink for £9.95! I think this was the best option as it meant you could spend as much or as little as you wanted.

We arrived and the area was all set out for us with some lovely fairy lights setting a super Christmassy mood! Everyone arrived and we shared out the wine the best we could. I had never been to GBK before but it was so easy to order. It’s like Nando’s in the sense that you go up to the till or download the app to order. What I loved about it is that despite that, it still feels like a fancy, sit down restaurant.

Alex and I had managed to nab two ‘free fries’ vouchers from the Christmas markets on the weekend we treated ourselves to burgers from the main menu. We both had the GBK cheese and bacon burger but then I ordered chunky skin on fries as my free side and a refillable strawberry and elderflower fizz! The food came so quickly and was absolutely delicious! I will definitely be coming back again soon.

A few people headed out to MODE afterwards but I have been feeling rather under the weather recently and need to look after my voice with the pantomime only being a week away! Ebony had been staying for a few days so we headed to spoons for a quick pudding before she caught her train home (sad times).

It was nice to have a bit more of a laid back social this week where we could talk and spend time together outside of a rehearsal environment. Roll on weekend rehearsals and the performance now!

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo

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