One thing I always like to keep in mind at Christmas, is that it is a time for giving. I think today a lot of people let materialistic and expensive gifts define the meaning of the season when that should never be the case. I believe that giving your time is one of the most valuable ways to contribute some kindness at this time of year and yesterday I was lucky to join my society as we volunteered at a senior citizen tea dance.

This event was organised by the students’ union and is the first of its kind at our university. It was targeted at the elderly members of the community and cost £2 for a ticket. There was food, drink (the mulled wine was a particular favourite among the guests), a raffle, music and of course dancing!

Loco are always so enthusiastic when it comes to contributing to the events that occur within the university community, and when we were approached to volunteer at this event we jumped at the chance! Kitted out in either our blue committee tops or festive gear, we arrived to help set up for the day.


We set a few tables with some Christmassy centrepieces, before heading to our designated roles. Shan and I began the event welcoming people and managing the raffle. All the proceeds would be going to age uk and alzheimer’s societies so I was keen to push ticket sales – besides you doesn’t love a good raffle! Shan and I were in our element the entire event.


However, it wasn’t long before we caught wind of a ‘jingle bells’ rehearsal where some lovely ladies were rehearsing for their performance. Being the extra, musical theatre lovers we are, we cheekily asked if we could join in and were welcomed with open arms. I have to say they did show us up a bit though! I’m not sure whether the rest of loco were loving the fact we got up there with them, or totally embarrassed. Either way it was good fun!


We then joined in with some the general dancing that was going on. When Islands in the Stream was sung, we couldn’t help but initiate a big line dance as homage to Gwen’s barn dance in Gavin and Stacey. The guests were absolutely loving it with over 70 people turning up.

After another hour of dancing, it was time to announce the raffle and we took the lead in true loco fashion. I’m so glad we decided to get involved with this event – we’ve all had a pretty trying week so it was a welcome break from all the stresses we had going on.  I’m not sure how much more I can take at the moment – I feel like one more minor inconvenience is going to send me over the edge but I’m just gonna like happy, Christmasy thoughts to get me through the next week and half!


I really hope that more events like this are held at the university. Christmas can be such a lonely time for the elderly and today really did in still so much positivity and hope into my week.

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo

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