I feel like a bit of a hypocrite writing this post as Alex and I never get to spend anytime recently! However, I still maintain that Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year and there are so many different activities you can do to shake things up a little bit. I thought I would share some of my favourite Christmas date ideas that I’ve either experienced myself or wish I had! 

Ice Skating 

Now, I know you can do this at any time of the year if you have a local rink but I think there’s something extra special about doing this at Christmas. Alex and I took a trip to Winter Wonderland in Cardiff for our 6 month anniversary many moons ago and it was such a lovely day. We made it into a big day and used it as an excuse to go to a big city and get some Christmas shopping done.


Christmas Light’s 

One of my favourite, romantic things to do at Christmas is to pack a flask of hot chocolate, wrap up warm and go on a long walk together to look at the Christmas lights around our town. This gives you a chance to have a chat, catch up and get into the Christmas spirit together.

Christmas Baking

Every year Alex and I try out a new recipe and do a bit of festive baking. We always make the traditional mince pies but we have tried Christmas cookies and gingerbread in the past too. This usually brings out a bit of competition between us to see who can come up with the best decorative design and who’s mince pies look better. We’ve even had flour fights before to put each other off and I’ve spent the whole time laughing.


Christmas Movie Night

I know this might sound pretty basic, but is there really anything better than getting into your PJ’s, opening a bottle of wine or making a hot choc, grabbing some snacks and cwtching up under some blankets together to watch your festive favourites? I think not.

Eat Out

A great thing about this time of year is that lots of nice restaurants offer set menus that are super festive and affordable. I’ve never been on a Christmas meal date but from looking for the Loco dinner, I can 100% say there are some lovely deals out there that cater to any budget and palette.

Christmas Markets

Lots of cities transform their high streets into a wonderland of Christmas markets that make for the perfect date night. Having visited both the Birmingham and Worcester markets I would recommend going in the evening as the lights and atmosphere is so much better. Grabbed some mulled wine or spiced cider and explore all the stalls on offer.


Host your own Christmas 

Something Alex and I always used to do was host our own Christmas day a few days before the 25th. We would exchange the gifts we had gotten each other, make a Christmas meal, have our own little tree – the full works. We did this because we usually spend Christmas with out own families so don’t see each other. However, as the years have gone on our Christmases are slowly starting to merge and we usually see each other for a few ours in the afternoon of the big day.


Christmas City Break 

The wishful thinker that I am has always dreamt of being whisked away for a romantic, Christmas break in December. It’s no secret that I am desperate to visit New York at Christmas and having recently been in London in all its Christmas glory it’s reminded me of how magically big cities can be at this time of year. However, I do love my home comforts too much to be away from good old Abergavenny on actual Christmas day!

There we have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my Christmas date ideas and have someone in your life that you would like to do these with! As much as Alex stresses me out to the max, I’d be lost without him and am so looking forward to spending another Christmas with him.


Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo




  1. Love this, I just did a Cheap Winter Dates Guide too. I love your idea about Christmas Cookie Baking, which is your favorite kind to make?


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