Today’s Blogmas instalment is all about the Christmas comforts I couldn’t be without every year. I think there is something extra special about seasonal things as you feel like you can only really use them in December and are therefore a treat in themselves!

  1.  SNOW FAIRY – I feel like I have gone on about this a lot lately, but I honestly can’t get enough of the stuff! I think because it’s only available at Christmas is makes it an even bigger treasure to me. It is just the best smell in the world.
  2. CHRISTMAS EVE PJS – It’s not really Christmas if I’m not in my new pyjamas ready for Santa.
  3. FESTIVE YANKEE CANDLES – my favourites have to be the Christmas Eve and Christmas Magic scents! The smells really remind me of Christmastime and help me unwind in the evenings.
  4. CHRISTMAS JUMPER –  I know this seems like a really obvious one but I literally live in my Christmas jumper as soon as December hits. I even treated myself to a new one this year!
  5. CHOCOLATE LOG – I just got home from our local Tesco and I saw that they had all the christmas food in! I literally got so excited when I saw the fresh cream, chocolate log as it is my ultimate favourite Christmas treat – I sometimes even have a slice for breakfast on Christmas morning!

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo

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