I cannot believe that our show weekend has now been and gone! All our hard work over the past 3 and a half months came together to produce something truly special and I am still on cloud nine (albeit a little hungover).

I cannot express how proud I am of everyone in Loco for putting on such an incredible performance. We were sold out for every show and were very lucky to have fantastic audiences every time.

Alex has talked about writing and directing a show throughout our whole relationship and it was unreal seeing his script and vision come to life on stage. I’ve enjoyed all my shows with Loco but this one really was something else and by far the best pantomime I have been lucky enough to be involved in! I don’t think he realises how proud I am of him and how in awe I am of his talents. He really is an exceptional human bean.

One of my favourite things about Loco is the family aspect. We really are so close and spending everyday together over the show weekend has made us bond even more. I also adore how once you are in Loco, you are always welcomed back with open arms. We had so many Loco alumni and friends help us produce this show and it makes me so emotional thinking of the kindness demonstrated this year by so many helpful individuals.

This weekend I have laughed, cried, danced, sang, cheered – you name it. I have taken so many photographs and made so many memories that will last a life time!  We are not sure what is going on with the vocal direction for the musical yet but there is a large likelihood that I will take on the role, meaning I won’t be able to be a cast member. Having this in the back of my mind has really made me make the most of this semester and just enjoy performing alongside my fabulous friends, which is why I joined Loco in the first place.

I’ve heard from so many people who came to the show this weekend that I need to have more faith in my abilities as a performer and I’m starting to listen to them. Managing to sing ‘This is Me’ the way I did is such a huge achievement for me and I really feel like I’ve kicked down a personal barrier about not being able to sing certain notes or in a certain way. I pushed myself to the limit and by the last show I let go and just went for it.

I’m a perfectionist so I don’t think I would ever say the song was perfect but I am happy with how I did. I’m also happy with my acting as that is definitely my weakest suit! I love dancing (not that I am very good) and singing has always been my thang but acting is something I’m not that confident with and I really tried hard.

I will miss playing the cockney, badass and sassy Sugarplum Fairy and I have her to thank for so much personal growth. I’m sat that this chapter is over, but I am excited to move forwards to our musical, ‘The Wedding Singer,’ next semester and leave loco with a bang!

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo

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