I think everyone has their own, unique way of celebrating Christmas day, and I love hearing about what my friends get up to with their families. So for today’s Blogmas instalment, I thought I would share what a typical Christmas day looks like for me.

The first thing that I do is wake my brother up. I was always a bag of beans on Christmas eve as I was so excited for the next morning and this has never really changed. I wake him up and then we both go into my mum’s room to open our stocking together. When I was little we would ring my nanna and granddad so they could get up and walk over to our house ready for the opening of the under the tree presents.


Once our stockings are open we get started on the traditional scratch cards that we usually get, before brushing our teeth, grabbing our dressing gowns and heading down stairs to the tree. We all take it turns to open presents and cards down stairs and have a lovely morning together. By the time we are finished it is usually still dark outside so we have some breakfast and reflect on the gifts we have received.


My mum and dad have been divorced for as long as I can remember, so you could say I get two Christmases on one day! Before the stroke, my dad would come and pick us up at around 9am but now my mum drops us over to him for the second Christmas morning. All of my dad’s side of the family pop in and out of my nan’s house (literally everyone) and it’s the one day of the year we are all allowed in the ‘posh’ living room.


We exchange gifts, have some photos and of course have some chocolate log and prosecco for second breakfast! Once we have spent a few hours with everyone it’s time to head back to my nanna and granddad’s for Christmas dinner. I love my nan’s Christmas dinner – turkey, pork, home made Yorkshire, veg, potatoes. pigs in blankets you name it! She always gives me my mine own dessert as I’m not a huge Christmas pudding fan! After dinner we all slump and let our food go down. My uncle, aunty and cousins then usually pop up for more gift exchanging and board games/poker.


By this time it’s mid/late afternoon and Alex usually pops up to see everyone. Every other year, Alex and I do our own Christmas day alongside this where I stay over and we wake up together and exchange presents but as we aren’t able to come home from uni until the 22nd December that won’t be the case. We will be exchanging gifts on the 25th and seeing each other for a bit longer which will be amazing! My mum usually puts on an evening spread for him too.


Christmas night was meant for relaxing, nibbling on left over turkey and cracking open your selection boxes in front of some quality Christmas telly. I really cannot wait to have a much needed break at home with my family. I hope you’ve enjoyed having an insight into my crazy, Christmas day!

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo


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