Today is Wednesday which usually only means one thing – social night! However, as we have now finished our show, this week everyone will either be heading home, doing assessments or having a well deserved break. As a result, I thought I would have a look back at the great socials from this semester. Bare with me as this might be a longer post than usual! 80s Night 

For our first official social of the year our social sec chose the theme ’80s’ and (after consulting my 80s obsessed mum) Alex and I decided to go as Scooby Doo characters. I went as Velma and he went as Shaggy! Unfortunately, I got a new phone and ICloud hadn’t backed up my photos so I lost most of the pics from that night. I got the clip in bangs from eBay for £2.49 and the orange top in the New Look sale for about £8 I think.


Glitter Galore 

I was so excited when I found out ‘glitter’ was one of the themes this semester. Shan and I headed to town the day of and found some face gem sets in Primark for £2 each. Zoe, Shan and myself also clubbed together to get a big tube of holographic purple glitter to with them and got ready together. I only spent £3 in total on the costume and I was pretty happy with how it turned out – the gems stayed on really well too! We also tried to give Alex a glitter beard but it didn’t go too well.


Dress to Impress Cocktail Night 

This is a traditional loco social that we do every year and it is always one of my favourites! We go to my favourite bar in Worcester which is called ‘The Conservatory’ for 2-4-1 cocktails, dress all fancy and have a bit of a ‘getting to know you’ social. The games are more about learning more about each other than drinking games and as it is not held at the nightclub it means we can hear each other better.

I didn’t spend anything on my outfit for this one as I wore things that I already had. This was probably my favourite social of the semester and I’m sad that it’ll be my last dress to impress with loco.


Animal Kingdom 

This was a new theme that I we have never done before since I joined loco and I was SO pumped for it. I knew straight away I wanted to go as a butterfly and I got the wings from eBay for £3 and the butterfly hair clips for £2.50, making this week’s outfit total just over £5. I own so many black clothes that I just had to choose which looked best for a butterfly and decided on covering up completely with a long sleeve top, skirt and leggings. The glitter was left over from the glitter social a few weeks before.



Halloween is famous for being the best social of the year and this one did not disappoint in the slightest! Every one tends to go all out for Halloween and this year was no different, we also had Jordan staying with us which was great. The turn out was also fantastic.


I decided to go as Medusa as I already knew I had clothes I could wear for the body. I was originally going to make my own headpiece before I realised how expensive rubber snakes are so I got this one from eBay for £4. I was also going to try contact lenses to have freaky eyes but I chickened out!

Alex decided he wanted to go as Tate from American Horror Story, so I tried my best with face paint to recreate the famous skeleton look. I was pretty proud of the end result seems as I am the worst at makeup. Jordan went as ‘student debt’ as we all know that’s on of the scariest things for us at the moment.


Snobs and Chavs 

I wasn’t sure whether I would go to this one as we had driven to Norbury theatre that evening to collect panto costume and I don’t really own anything ‘snobby’ or ‘chavy.’ In the end inspiration struck and I decided to go as the Catherine Tate character Lauren who’s famous catch phrase is ‘Am I bothered?’

I didn’t spend any money on this outfit as I borrowed one of Alex’s white shirts and wore leggings, a skirt and my old school tie. I also had to borrow some hoop earrings from a friend. Alex just went in his normal clothes bless him and looked great.



We also had the Loco Christmas Meal but there is a whole blogmas post dedicated to that and I don’t remember enough about aftershow to write about it. I hope you enjoyed this trip down social memory lane and I can’t wait for new themes and more good nights next semester.

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo





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