I cannot believe there are only 5 days until Christmas! Who would have thought it would come around so quickly. I also can’t believe that I am writing this Blogmas post whilst having a break from essay writing as, yep, I’m still in uni!

I was getting really bogged down seeing so many other uni students at home without a care in the world when us at Worcester don’t break up until the 21st December – cries. That was until I got an email containing all of the professional pics from our performance at the carol concert last week.

I’m still so proud of myself for writing an actual script that was performed and for arranging and teaching a pretty difficult song. I know that I’ve already posted about the concert but I really wanted to share these amazing pictures and to have them on my blog to look back on.

Don’t worry I’ve asked permission to share these on here but unfortunately don’t know the photographers name to credit him – I got sent them by the university. I hope you enjoy a better look at our performance!

Today’s post was short and sweet but the reason I have this blog is so I can look back at everything I’ve done over the years and this is definitely something I want to remember. Now back to the essay writing – wish me luck!

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo

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