So tonight is my last night in uni and also the evening of our 2018 Christmas party. A few months ago, my friend Charys and I discussed how fun it would be to throw a Christmas party for all our friends as I celebration of the semester/farewell for Christmas break type thing.

Whilst sat in a furniture warehouse shop we decided on a theme for our theoretical party etc before deciding to take ourselves seriously and actually throw it!

Due to the annexe I live in being so small, our only option was to host the party at Charys’ house which meant my role in the whole planning process was really small and Charys’ housemate Shantai was an angel and stepped in. I still helped invite guests and provided some food and drinks but it was mainly down the girls who did a fab job with decorating and prep.

I treated myself a few weeks back to a new dress for the party. The theme was ‘glitter and/or Christmas colours’ so I went for this purply/burgandy dress that was super glitter – the photos don’t do it justice. The boys didn’t really take that into consideration but we let it slide in the spirit of Christmas.

The only day that worked for everyone was the last day of term which meant many people were driving home for Christmas the next day and weren’t able to stay out as late – myself included. However, this did play to our advantage as it was nice to have a more chilled night after the mess that was aftershow party from the week before.

My little team arrived early to help with finishing cooking the food and set up before everyone else gradually started to arrive. We started the night by playing cards against humanity, jenga and everyone’s favourite (and brutal) game – psych. Alex treated me to a bottle of pink gin so I was a happy gal and Charys brought some halloumi fries which were amazingggg!

The rest of the evening was dedicated to chatting, mingling, dancing and of course the average photo shoot! It was so nice to spend the final night of uni this year with some of my closest friends and de-stressing a little bit after a full on few weeks. I say it a lot but I really am so grateful for the people I have met at university and the memories I have made that will last a life time. I can’t wait to have my own house so I can host a big Christmas party of my own each year for all my pals!

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo

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