I feel like Christmas wrapping is like marmite – you either love it or you hate it. I 100% fall into the ‘love it’ category as taking the time to wrap the presents I have bought is one of my fave things to do during the festive season.

Due to not being able to come from uni until today, I haven’t been able to do any wrapping so once I have caught up with family it was at the top of my do to list. I get a bit extra when wrapping presents, I can’t just put some paper on the gift and be done with it. I have to have all the extra trimmings like ribbons, bows, tags, glitter – you name it, I probably have it in my possession.

The first thing I do is choose which wrapping paper I will be using for the year so I can colour co-ordinate everything else based on that. I am a sucker for calligraphy and pretty handwriting but was going to veer away from that this year for a change. However, when shopping, Alex picked out some lovely blue paper with gold metallic writing and I was sold. I also picked up a similar print in red and it was 3-4-2 in Wilkos so Alex also got some nice paper with little robins on.

To pair with these, I picked out a set of four, glittery ribbons that were a bargain at £1 along with a bag of multi coloured bows (£1) and a green/gold/red ribbon set (£1.50). Alex picked out some tags with cute little captions on them for himself and I knew I had some glittery tags left over from last year that I could use when I got home.

Then came the task of the actual wrapping. It took me two and a half hours to get through it all but I got there. For me, when wrapping it is essential to be listening to some Christmas tunes and this year’s choice was John Legend’s new Christmas album which was superb!

When I wrap, I always make sure that the front of the present (the side I want the receiver to see when they open the gift) is faced down on the paper so all the cellotape etc is at the back. When folding the corners of spare paper, I always make them into a triangle and neatly tape them down on the back too.


For decoration, I typically choose two different ribbons and a bow that matches one of them. The first ribbon is used to make a string parcel effect and the other I curl around the bow to make it look pretty. I also stick the tag down under the bow so it creates one central fixture.

I am super happy with how they all turned out this year. For some people that had multiple, small gifts I created a little package and stuck the individually wrapped presents together. I do this by getting a small piece of cellotape, folding it onto itself os it makes a circle with the sticky side facing upwards and then stick the two gifts together using it. I’m not sure whether that makes sense but it does in my head!

I can’t believe that Christmas is only three days away and I can’t wait for all my lovely family and friends to open what I have gotten them. After all, Christmas is about giving!

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo


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