With three days to go, I finally made it home for Christmas break. I honestly feels so good to be back in my lovely, Welsh home town with my family. I know that this break is going to be short lived as I have to be back at uni by the 7th and also have exams and essays to work on but I am determined to make the most of it.

Alex and I drove back nice and early yesterday morning. We wanted to leave Worcester at nine which meant a 7am alarm in order to finish packing and get the house cleaned up properly. I am thrilled to say we were in the car and away at 9am on the dot which is a miracle when Alex is involved. We stopped off for petrol and were then away. I was dreading driving through Hereford city centre on the last Saturday before Christmas, but the traffic wasn’t actually that bad and we made it in one piece home within a hour and a half!

We stopped at Alex’s first to drop off him and his stuff off and I ended up staying for a cuppa and a catch up with his family before heading back to my house where I was greeted by a very excited mum. Once all the catching up was done, I made a start on my christmas wrapping (as you will know if you’ve read yesterday’s post) before visiting my grandparents over the road. It always makes my heart melt how happy they are to see me when I arrive and it was lovely to spend a few hours chilling and catching up with them too!

As I may have mentioned, one family Christmas tradition is going to the cinema on Christmas eve to see the latest festive release. However, our local cinema is closed on Monday’s and none of us really fancied driving to Cwmbran the night before Christmas so we decided to go the night I got back.

Alex, mum, nan and me went to see Mary Poppins Returns and all I can is that it is absolutely magic! Such a feel good, positive film that captures everything Disney is about. It got the seal of approval from us all and made me remember how much I adored the original growing up. I loved how there was frequent reference to the first film yet the story was original and they hadn’t tried to just do a remake. The music, acting and choreography were all superb and of course I was going to love my main man Lin-Miranda!


I’ve spent today running errands and visiting my dad and I intend to fully activate Christmas mode this evening and watch all my favourite Christmas films I haven’t had a chance to see yet. I love how Christmasy and cosy by house is at this time and I really am feeling content right now.

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo

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