As Smithy from Gavin and Stacey once said “IT’S CHRISTMASSSS!” I can’t believe that the day is here and blogmas has officially come to an end with this post. I thought I would give you a little look into my how I celebrated today as I am feeling very grateful and full of love.

As per usual, I had a restless night’s sleep. No matter how old I get, I feel I will always be as excited as child on Christmas Eve night. I woke up at 7am to a text from my brother saying he had been up from 3am did I want to get up. I went into his room and naturally he had fallen back asleep.

I went the the bathroom, brushed my teeth and hair before waking him up. We then proceeded to stir a very sleepy mum who watched us open our stockings in her bed through half open eyes! Throughout this blog, I won’t go into too much detail about what I got present wise as I’m going to do a ‘what I got for Christmas’ blog in a few days.

We then headed downstairs at about 8am to see if Santa had been. He most definitely had and we enjoyed watching each other open our presents. I am so grateful for the lovely gifts I received from my mum. She works really hard and always makes sure we have things that we will use and love. I’m also so glad I saved up and got her the Katie Loxton bag she had her eye on as she loved it! My main present was a ticket to see Les Miserables aka my all time favourite musical with my family when the UK tour comes to Cardiff- eeek!

After a bit of toast and a chocolate mocha, we got ready and headed over to see my nanna and grandad. To our surprise, grandad was still asleep so Dafyd and I woke him up to the sound of us ‘carolling’ at his door. We watched them open their presents and took some family photos – much to my brother’s dismay.

The time was now about 10am and we headed over to see my dad and nan. On the way, we saw my uncle John walking over so we picked him up and ended up arriving at the same time as my sister and nephew so it was a full house. We gave my nan and dad their presents to open first – I got my dad a vinyl player which he loved.

We then sat down in the living room for present opening session number 2 (one of the perks of having divorced parents is getting two Christmases). My dad always goes overboard on presents but I think this year everyone is aware that it’s potentially my last Christmas at home before I’ll have my own place, job and be considered a fully fledged adult.

I am, again, so grateful for all the wonderful gifts I received. My family don’t have that much money but we have always been made to feel special on Christmas day.  I just love spending time with everyone and being back where I belong.


After a few hours, a piece of chocolate log, a photoshoot and a few glasses of prosecco my mum gave back to pick me up for Christmas dinner at my nannas. I have to say this year’s dinner was something else and so, so good. We had homemade yorkshire puddings (yes they belong on Christmas dinner don’t fight me), turkey, pork, pigs in blankets from the butchers, boiled potatoes, roasties, stuffing, veg the full works. Washed down with a posh glass of white wine it was bloody lush!

Mum and I vegged for a while before I walked down to Alex’s house for a bit of fresh air and to see his family. I opened some pressies there before Alex and I walked back up to see my grandparents and then to my house for him to open all his gifts. My mum got him a stocking along with a ticket to Les Miserables. He also got some money and some gift sets from my family. I got him the new Spyro playstation game, the latest the 1975 album on vinyl and tickets to the We Will Rock You UK Tour.

I can’t believe blogmas has also come to an end either. I’m really proud that I managed to post everyday and I now have so many lovely memories documented to look back on. I’m now bathed and in my new Christmas PJs infront of the telly. I’ve had such a wonderful day surrounded with my incredible family. I hope you’ve had a magical day too!


Merry Christmas,

Meg xo

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