Hello lovelies! I hope you’re all recovering from your Christmas food comas! I feel like a broken record but for me Christmas is about giving not receiving and, most importantly, spending time with the people you love. However, something that I love to do once the chaos of Christmas has passed, is find out what other people got for Christmas. I just love getting an insight into people’s lives and seeing other people happy so I thought I would avoid being a hypocrite and do a little post about some of the amazing gifts I received.

I in no way mean this to be a braggy or self indulgent post and I really hope it doesn’t come across like that. However, I am always honest with what I document on this blog and will continue to do so.

If you’ve read my blogmas post all about my christmas day schedule, you’ll know that I rise at the crack of dawn, wake up my brother and we open our stockings in my mum’s room. I love the stockings we get from Bevlar – they are the perfect mix between treats and things we really need. img_3467

In my stocking this year, I received everything from toiletries to white chocolate lindt balls! My full stocking list goes like this…

  • Choccies – chocolate orange, red smarties tube and white chocolate Lindt balls
  • Tolietries – unicorn foam burst shower gel, makeup wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Self Care – face masks, lip balm

When you’re a student it really is so true that getting presents like toiletries makes your day! I am looking forward to showering in some quality imperial leather rather than whatever is on offer in Aldi!

Once we have opened our stockings, we head down to the living room to see what Santa has bought us. It broke my heart when the first thing my mum said was “he hasn’t been as much as usual, sorry kids.” I could have received one of the many amazing things I was given and have been over the moon. In fact, this was probably my favourite family Christmas yet! img_3466 My main present from mum was a ticket to see my all time favourite musical Les Miserables in Cardiff on its UK tour (that’s what’s written inside the penguin card). I honestly can’t believe I’m going to see my favourite show performed by the professionals! What’s extra special is that she also got tickets for herself, my nan, granddad and Alex so it’s going to be a big family trip – I can’t wait!

The other part of my main present was £75 cash which literally gobsmacked me when it fell out of the card. Mum knows how financially straining university is and although I know she wants me to spend the money on something for myself, the likelihood is it will help keep me out of my overdraft and pay my bills! My brother did get me a New Look voucher though so I will treat myself to something small. I am so grateful for everything and feel lucky to have such an amazing family.

Other gifts I received from mum include…

  • Perfume – Ted Baker (my fave) and Paco Rabanne
  • Alcohol – Gordon’s Pink Gin (yasssss) and a pink gin gift set
  • Makeup – Two no.7 eye and lip kits (I’ve been searching for an everyday lipstick for ages and Bev saved the day)
  • Other – Rose gold wireless headphones, bath bombs and the cutest pack of inspirational quote cards that will definitely keep me going through dissertation season.

Once we were ready, my mum dropped us over to my dad’s for around 10am for Christmas morning number 2! I may have mentioned before that my dad always goes overboard with presents and this year was no different! We arrived to two gigantic piles of presents and I honestly felt more guilty than excited. However, I did get some amazing presents that I am so grateful for.


My main present (and should have been my only one) from my dad was an Apple Watch! This was a huge surprise I getting an apple watch had never crossed my mind before but I am thrilled and love it so much! I also fell like a bit of an alcoholic as I got another bottle of pink gin along with three other alcoholic glass and gift sets – that’s my uni pres sorted for the next few months!

Other gifts I received from my dad include;

  • TV box sets – Friends and Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Ginsanity gin glass
  • Pandora Ring
  • Echo dot
  • Other – Some lovely boots and a new coat, perfume and makeup.

I honestly feel so spoilt this Christmas and I can’t thank my family enough for all their wonderful gifts.

I’ve already been asked what Alex got me for Christmas (I don’t know why that is such a burning question) and the reality is he is really broke and I told him not to bother with getting me anything (he did get me a bottle of pink gin though woo). It’s my 21st in a few weeks and if anything, I would rather have a gift for that than him worry about spending money he doesn’t have right now.

I hope that you’ve all had wonderful Christmases and have enjoyed spending time with your loved ones as much as I have. Gifts aside, it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Meg xo

4 thoughts on “WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS 2018

  1. I also got tickets for a musical for Christmas (from Santa)- everything found in my stocking are the Santa gifts. I was kind of secretly hoping tickets would be found in my stocking this year. The moment I saw the words Blumenthal, I knew there were tickets in that envelope. Blumenthal Performing Arts is how shows tour through Charlotte- those tickets were for Miss Saigon- not only was there was there a ticket for me- there was also a ticket for mom and dad- if it wasn’t for Les Mis, never would have wanted to see that musical.

    Thinking of Les Mis- just like you, Les Mis is one of my all-time favorite musicals. Les Mis is what showed me that I can love tragedies. Before Les Mis, I thought I would NEVER love a tragedy.

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      1. What lead me to want to Miss Saigon someday is Les Mis ( that is how I discovered Miss Saigon)- I discovered that the same people who wrote the music for Les Mis also wrote the music for Miss Saigon.

        It is hard to believe that back in high school- I used to be anti-tragedy, but Les Mis showed me that I can love tragedies. But I still can be particular about them.

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