Today marks one week since my big birthday! I feel like I’ve been waiting for it to come around for so long and that it was over far too quickly. I’ve been lucky enough to spread my celebrations across a whole week with  a family meal yesterday marking the final hoorah. Now that the celebrations are all over I can share with you all the amazing things I did to celebrate! Grab a cuppa as this might be a long one! 

Girls Night Sleepover

We thought it would be nice to have an girly evening in to kick off the birthday celebrations. It was really nice to have people over for a chilled evening of chatting, relaxing and all your sleepover essentials.


Laser Tag and Ice Skating 

This was a little joint birthday celebration for myself and another Loco member Amy who was turning 19. We gathered the local troops, got into teams and battled it out on a glow in the dark battlefield. I did get taken hostage by the boys’ team, but it was worth it in the end though as the girls team had the highest overall score.


We paid for a party package which included two games of laser tag, food, drinks and an hour of ice skating. Ice skating was hilarious watching everyone like little Bambi’s trying not to fall over on the rink. I’m pleased to say I think I’ve finally got the hang of this ice skating malarky as I didn’t fall over or hold onto the side once – go me!

London Trip

I’ve dedicated a whole post to this extra special trip with my favourite people. If you haven’t already you can check it out here.


Alex’s Surprises

Sunday marked the day I actually turned 21 and I spent the whole 24 hours with Alex which was wonderful. Despite living together, I barely get to see him at the moment due to his final placement so just getting a day together was a present in itself.

When we got up Alex said he needed to pop out and would be back asap. He was gone for over an hour! Upon his return I was told to go upstairs and wait for him which I did and could hear lots of clattering around downstairs. He came up and blindfolded me with a tie and led me into the living room where our favourite Ed Sheeran song ‘Tenerife Sea’ was playing.

50428885_2249668308433867_8282828684985892864_n (1)50601015_2249662718434426_1979719790171783168_n

When I opened my eyes he had decorated the room with banners and balloons, had lit candles and put all my cards out on the table for me to open. I was so overwhelmed as I really wasn’t expecting anything like this. It was perfect. He had also been to the shops and picked up a little feast for us and we spent the afternoon watching Netflix which, if you know me, was perfect. When I opened my card from him, I was told to be ready to leave at 8.


I was ready to leave and after a photoshoot with my balloons we left. We had a lovely walk into the city where I was taken to my favourite restaurant Miller & Carter. I tried to get him to change his mind as it was too expensive but he refused and treated me to a three course meal and a bottle of wine which was divine!

I had a perfect day with a perfect man – what more could I ask for.

Family Meal

As I couldn’t get home for my actual birthday, we decided to have a family celebration the weekend afterwards which meant Alex and I drove from Worcester on Friday night.

My mum had arranged a meal at the Lamb & Flag which is a lovely pub/restaurant on the outskirts of Abergavenny. Both my mum and dad’s side were invited and our table was booked for 5:30pm. It was the most perfect end to an amazing week of celebrating.

We had preordered our food so it arrived within good time and I was thrilled to have gotten two steaks in one week, what a dream! I got to open some gifts from my family too and was truly spoilt rotten and am feeling so grateful right now. I’m going to do a full post all about the wonderful gifts I got for my birthday so will leave the details for then.

However, I have to talk about the absolutely incredible birthday cake that my mum had made for me. I have always wanted a custom made birthday cake and have always been curious as to what someone would choose as the theme of the cake but never thought I would actually get one. It took me completely by surprise and was so, so perfect. It’s no secret that Peter Pan was my favourite film growing up (alongside Beauty and the Beast) and purple is my favourite colour so combined it made something really special. The message ‘Never Grow Up’ was also really poignant.

The pictures don’t do it justice but the white icing actually had glitter in it so it shimmered like pixie dust and the characters and flowers were hand moulded out of fondant and icing sugar. What was extra special was that the lady who made it (Pippa from Pippa’s Pantry) wanted to do the cake to say thank you to mum for looking after her daughter on the children’s ward at the hospital for 15 years.

I know everyone says it but I really do feel like I have the best family (and friends) in the world who always go above and beyond to make me feel loved and special whether it is my birthday or not. It’s a bittersweet feeling that the birthday I have long awaited is now over, but my heart is so full and I will always have such wonderful memories of some truly spectacular birthday celebrations!

Here’s to being 21!

Meg xo

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