Hiya guys! I’ve been thinking about starting a social lookbook series for a while now and have finally decided to take the plunge and add this feature to my blog!

As I may have mentioned before, at my university we have something called ‘Worcester Wednesday’ where every sports team and society dress up to a set theme and play games or go out as a group.

Every society picks their theme individually so on the night you’ll encounter people dressed as anything from life guards and cave people to superheroes and movie stars! It’s honestly always a highlight of my week and I absolutely love being creative and getting stuck in with my costume efforts.

In this series I’ll talk you through the theme for the week, how I came up with my costume ideas and most importantly how I actually make them. There’ll also be lots of top tips and hacks on how to make an ace costume on a student budget. I’ll also show you pictures from the night and what others dressed as so you get an good picture of what our nights our like.

I’m going to start with current socials but may also do a few throwback editions where I look at costumes I put together in my first and second years.

If this sounds like you’re kinda thing then keep your eye out for regular instalments. I can’t wait to get started!

Meg xo

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