Happy Valentine’s day to all of you lovely people who take the time to read my blogs! As much as I think we shouldn’t wait until today to tell show our loved ones we care, I do love Valentine’s Day as it’s a ‘holiday’ all about spreading and celebrating love! Today marks Alex and I’s 6th Valentine’s Day as a couple! I still remember our first way back in the day and feel even more in love that I did then. I’ll try to keep the soppiness to a minimum in this post but I thought I would share some of the many, many reasons why I love this man so much.

He’s my best friend

When people ask me how we’ve managed to stay strong for so long, I always tell them that we were best friends long before we became an item. This has never changed. He’s the person I trust most in this world, we have shared and gotten through so much together and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without him.

He makes me belly laugh

I love that we can be silly together and when we are around each other we have the best time. Not a day goes by where we aren’t laughing together and he has the power to raise my spirits after the trying of days.

Alex pushes me to be my best self

I am an extremely driven and ambitious person and Alex fully embraces this and encourages me to reach my dreams. I have some big decisions coming regarding what to do after graduation and he always supports me to do what is best for myself. He constantly tells we how proud is of me and our future life together is what motivates me to achieve my goals.

My family is his family. My home is his home.

I know that sounds a bit dodge but what I mean is that I adore how integrated he is with my family. They absolutely love him and he loves them back. My wonderful family have always treated Alex like their own which is something so precious to me and I love seeing them bond.

Not only do we live together in our uni home but we also share a beautiful hometown. We can relate to each other in so many ways and he’s the only person that truly understands what my home means to me and how much I miss it.

We share a passion

We met through a drama club at our secondary school before really becoming friends in our local amateur dramatics and pantomime societies. This is something that we have carried through to our university experience and I can’t believe we are now directing and musically directing a production together.

He is OBSESSED with music and SO talented

Alex adores music. He listens to such a wide range of material and he is always so excited to show me new songs that have been released or that he has discovered. He also writes me the most amazing songs and I just dote over him, his talent, his knowledge and his love of all things music. He’s an incredible singer (not that he even realised) and his acting is next to none. He’s definitely the star of the show.

Two peas in a pod

Despite very different upbringings, we are one in the same. We are so in sync with each other and share so many of the same values and future aspirations. We want to travel to the same places and make the most out of our lives together – we’ve already made a start.

He loves me for me

Alex makes me love myself. He makes me feel like the bees knees everyday. My confidence in everything has grown throughout or relationship and he really makes me realise my worth. He also embraces my extraness – I mean how many boyfriends would volunteer to dress as your star on the walk of fame?!

These are just few of so many reasons why Alex is the best guy a gal could ask for. I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives have in store for us and to keep finding reasons I love him.

If you’re reading this Al, I love you!

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Meg xo

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