So I have finally gotten round to writing this post after almost a month! I’ve been so busy with the start of the new semester and Loco starting back up that getting round to this post has taken much longer than I thought! Without further ado, I will go ahead and share with you all the lovely things I was lucky enough to receive for my 21st birthday!

The same rules to this post apply to my ‘what I got for Christmas’ – I am in no way writing this to show off or being ostentatious. I love reading other people’s posts about what gifts they receive on big occasions and would also love to be able to go back and read about it for myself in years to come.

I have truly been spoilt rotten for this birthday and I am beyond grateful for everything I have received. I honestly still can’t believe it.

The first gifts I received were from my wonderful friends on our trip to London. It was present enough that they paid and gave up their time to come on this day with me so I really wasn’t expecting any gifts.

Eb and Jord made me a photo collage of all our best memories from the last year which is beautiful and takes pride of place in our little uni house. Nikkii could me three scrap books – one for every year of uni. Every month I order 45 photos from a website called ‘freeprints’ and she knew I wanted to compile them eventually so these gifts were so thoughtful and lovely!

When we went to see Aladdin we headed down to check out the merchandise and Jade got me the programme pack so that I could buy myself the mug to add to my disney mug obsession. A random stranger also gave us a £5 off voucher which was so nice!

The next gifts I received were from Alex. You already know about the lovely surprise decorations and day we had together but the physical presents he got me were the Star is Born soundtrack (because I am OBSESSED) and a LUSH UK shower gel bar which he said he chose because it smelt the most like snow fairy and is kind to sensitive skin.

When we were at Miller & Carter he started talking to me about how I was being a boss/queen at all things in my life and how proud he was of me. We also talked about how I should have more confidence in myself and my abilities with the upcoming graduate choices that need making. He then got out these gorgeous earrings and said that when I wear them he wants me to remember I am capable of anything. It’s fair to say that I was gobsmacked and emotional!

Speaking of Pandora, I received some stunning additions to my bracelet (which now feels much heavier than before). A bit of background on my bracelet – it is all disney parks exclusive/limited edition. Some of the charms are also Disney Vacation Club exclusive which means only members can purchase them. I absolutely love this little Alice in a tea cup and Mickey Mouse! My brother also got me this Cinderella inspired charm which has “a dream is a wish your heart makes” engraved onto it!

A lot of my family opted to give me money as they know I am constantly broke and am trying to save for a holiday. My mum gave me the promise of £250 towards a holiday/to pay a deposit when I have booked something which is incredible and motivates me even more to save for Florida!

She also paid for me to have my nails done in town the day I came home which was a lovely little treat. You also already know about the phenomenal cake she had me made which still makes me well up thinking about.

The last round of gifts came at my birthday meal where my uncle, aunty and cousins got me some flowers and a bottle of prosseco. My dad also well and truly spoilt me with a Michael Kors bag, purse and pair of sunglasses alongside some cash to add to my holiday fund.

The greatest gift I received was just getting to celebrate with all my favourite people over the course of the week. I really am so lucky to have such amazing family and friends that never fail to make me feel special. My next big birthday is my 30th which actually makes me feel sick so I’m going to enjoy being 21 while I can!

Meg xo





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