Hello lovelies! Sorry I’ve been so absent the past few weeks. I’m not gonna lie to ya, these weeks I’ve been away have probably been the toughest I’ve encountered but that’s a story for another day! I thought I would give you a throw back social look book all about the ‘Under the Sea’ themed outfit I created in January.

I absolutely adored the theme ‘Under the Sea’ as it has so much scope and potential for some super cool costumes! As my last exam was the morning of the social, I knew I wouldn’t have much time to put something together so I decided to go for a mermaid inspired look rather than attempt to recreate a specific creature or character.

When I think of mermaids, my mind instantly thinks of glitter, blues and greens along with scales and sea shells. I had a quick browse online to see what was around and instantly fell in love with a sale dress from New Look. The dress was head to toe in blue and purple sequins and only cost £7! I now not only had the base of my costume sorted but the colour scheme too! I utilised the Superdrug student discount and picked up some Barry M face jewels for £2. I already had some fishnet tights at home from making my Medusa halloween costume so knew I could use these to create some scales on my face.

If possible, I always like to make something DIY for socials as I think it’s all part of the fun. This week I attempted to make a sea shell crown using some assorted sea shells (EBay £2) a plain black alice band (£2) and some super glue. The glue takes ages to try so I had to improvise and use hair grips to hold the shells in place until completely dry. I’m really happy with how this turned out and got lots of compliments when out.

Makeup wise, I just did my usual going out face before using eye shadow and the fish net tights some scales along my forehead and contour line. I then added the jewels and some additional glitter for a super shimmery mermaid look.

I was chuffed with how the overall look came together. The dress is something really out of my comfort zone but I felt really confident and pretty. I don’t usually like my curves but Alex said he loved it with the belt so I trusted his gut and am really glad I did. It was a great social that I think I will always look back on and think what went wrong, but like I said, a story for another time. I’m grateful to have so many amazing people by mind side and the social itself was so fun.

For now, I’m gonna just keep swimming.

Meg xo

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