I have just got back from the best weekend away in Devon with my best pals. I honestly can’t even put into words how needed this little getaway was and I wish it could have lasted forever.

The reason this holiday came about is because my amazing, beautiful and talented friend Ebony works as an entertainer at Hazlewood Holiday Park and we desperately wanted to visit her and see her in action. It was just an added bonus that the holiday park happens to be in Devon right by the beach and so a friends holiday was booked. As Eb works at the park, we were able to get an absolutely amazing discount and the holiday only cost £30 between us (that’s just £7.50 each) so we were very happy students.

Zoe offered to drive us all down and we split the cost of petrol so transport was sorted too. We made a holiday playlist and despite a rainy drive, we arrived in good time and so excited to see Eb and her new home town. We arrived at the beach and joined Ebony who was having a drink with a friend and what better way to start the shenanigans than with a cheeky cider by the sea. We then drove two minutes up the road to the park to find our chalet which was an ‘Ashwood’ number 162.

The chalet was huge and so much nicer than I was expecting. I wasn’t necessarily expecting anything bad but for the price I definitely didn’t think we would be living in luxury. It was so spacious with a double bed room, a twin room and a bunk bed room along with a large living/dining space and bathroom. It was perfect for us – Alex and I took the double bed and Shan and Zoe shared the twin with Eb staying over in the bunk bed for a change of scenery.

After dumping our stuff, we decided to make a trip to Sainsbury’s to do a shop so we didn’t spend too much money on food and had supplies for the essential cup of tea in morning and chalet pre drinks. However, on the way to the car outside I twisted my ankle and hit the deck. I honestly thought my ankle was broken as the pain was like no other and I really didn’t know what to do. The others found it absolutely hilarious until they could see my yelling in pain. I thought to myself there is no way I am letting this ruin the holiday so sucked it up and hopped my way into the car where I fought back tears on the journey to Sainsbury’s.

I hobbled around for as long as I could but in the end the pain became unbearable and Zoe drove me to the minor injuries clinic up the road. They said it was definitely a third degree sprain but they couldn’t rule out a fracture and I needed to come back the next day for an X-Ray (which I did and the X-Ray was closed for the weekend so I just made do for the rest of the trip on crutches). I was in way more pain than I let on to the others but was determined to not let it ruin the holiday and I succeeded. A trip to Worcester A&E has since confirmed that it is a third degree sprain with soft tissue and ligament damage. Anyway, enough about my clumsiness and ankle!

Each night on the holiday we went down to the holiday park club where Eb works and performs for some drinks, bingo, quiz and to watch the show. I am pleased to say that we won the quiz and the prize bottle of Lambrini every single night! We were also pretty successful bingo players. Before this holiday I had never really played bingo before but managed to win the big jackpot of £50 won night and another £5 for a line in another game. The tickets weren’t expensive at all and so it was a nice way to get involved and win a bit of extra spending money.

Then came the main event – Ebony’s shows. We saw the ‘Born in the USA’ show and her Sunday cabaret which were both absolutely phenomenal. I’m sure I’ve spoken about Eb before on this blog but she is honestly the best singer I have ever had the pleasure of listening to and working with. She is next level and I really cannot believe she is my friend and is not on the West End or famous because she really is that good. The difference in her from last year is also so noticeable and her voice and performance has come on no end. I found myself once again in awe of her and also getting emotional watching and thinking ‘that is my friend and she is so talented.’

In the day times we took trips to the beach (and got caught in the rain showers a fair few times), spent some time in the arcades on the 2p machines and watched Ebony and Shannon get addicted to the bingo machines! We also found our own fave pub called the Boathouse where we went for drinks or food daily. It was so nice to get to see where Eb lives now and have her show us around and give us a proper tour of the area.


On the last day before travelling home, we went to Dawlish town for a look around and some food in one of Ebs favourite cafes. We saw the famous black swans, fed (and got chased) by the many birds and ducks that surround the area and paid a visit to the cutest little ducklings! It was such a lovely area with some may cute quirks and shops. We visited Gays creamier where Alex found a number of funny flavoured liqueurs to take home and Zoe was the only one with enough room left to try what Eb describes as the best ice cream in Devon!

The weekend went far too quickly and I honestly wish I could have stayed there forever. It was so nice to wake up to my best friends everyday and to have a break from worrying about adult life and the changes coming my way. Itreminded me of how badly I miss Eb and got me thinking about how different things are going to be in a few months when Alex and I have moved home for good and uni will be a thing of the past. However, what I do know is that these guys will be in my life forever.

If I’ve learned anything from this trip it’s that distance doesn’t matter in a true friendship…oh and also that I am a clumsy idiot!

Meg xo

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