Hello again! As per usual I have gone quite on here as life takes over and blogging takes a back seat. A lot has changed over the past few weeks so I thought I would document a little life update to look back on and let you know what I am up to.


Where to start? In the past few weeks I have received my final grades which yes means I received the marks for my dreaded dissertation! I’m all about being as honest as I can be on here and it’ll come to no surprise to the friends reading this that initially I was truly disappointed in myself because I got an overall B.

I know, I know that a B is really good and I am honestly happy with it now but at the time I had got my hopes set so high on getting a first for my dissi after how hard I worked on it. For those of you who may be curious, I completed my dissertation with the mood disorders research group and utilised over 3,000 data sets from the Bipolar Disorder Research Network to investigate substance abuse and factors associated with alcohol dependence in bipolar disorder.  I felt that this was a project of huge scope to undertake as an undergraduate and to get that A would have been the icing on the cake.


However, a few tears and a celebratory photo shoot later I was fine and content knowing I worked as hard as I possibly could have.

Degree Classification 

Getting a B for my dissertation means that I just missed out on getting a 1st on my degree and will be officially graduating with a Upper Second Class (2:1) degree in BSc (Hons) Psychology!


The same as dissi, I was initially disheartened to have just missed out on a 1st but then I was reminded that I managed to get a high 2:1 despite all of the obstacles thrown my way this semester and on top of everything else I had taken on.  I mean, how many people can say that they successfully completed a university degree whilst holding down 4 part-time jobs, being chairperson, vocal director and leading lady of the musical theatre society and racking up over 800 volunteering hours. When I think of it that way I am pretty darn proud of myself.


Alex is has also smashed three years of uni and overcome the same obstacles I have and I am so proud of him for getting a 1st in BA (Hons) Primary Initial Teacher Education! Go Mr. Williams!

Graduate Jobs 

Honestly, there is absolutely no preparation for the utter void you feel leaving university. There is no way to truly describe it because it is low key exciting but mainly confusing and terrifying at the same time. If you’re anything like me, you’re life has had a clear plan starting with school, GCSEs then A Levels then University – it’s all mapped out for you. No one tells you that when that path ends it is really hard to navigate your way through. Do I do a masters? Do I get a job? How can I use my degree? Do I move back home? etc etc.

I can say that I have applied for over 25 graduate jobs mainly assistant psychologist positions and got declined for every. single. one. Despite gaining feedback for each that put me in better stead for the next, it was so disheartening working so hard and facing rejection again and again.

However, everything happens for a reason right? I finally managed to get a job interview with West Mercia Women’s Aid and am thrilled to say that I got the job! I had such a positive interview experience and felt at home right away. They offered me the job the same day and the chief executive said that I was the best interview she had been a part of in a really long time! They were so impressed they have said they will support me with an additional training they can to put me in a great position for future jobs.

I will be starting soon and working with women and children who are victims or domestic abuse to provide support and help to them. I am very excited to to start as I honestly did not think that I would get the job. I’m ready for a new challenge and I know that this line of work will be so rewarding.

Masters Degree

This is something that will seem a little unconventional. For a long time, I was so torn over doing my masters degree or getting full time graduate work. My dream is to do a doctorate in clinical psychology and I knew in my heart that getting a masters degree would really aid me in getting there and other positions relevant to my goals.


I spoke to my new bosses at Women’s Aid about it and they were thrilled that I wanted to pursue further education. They have said that they will support me however they can to do both which means that I will be completing my MSc in Clinical Psychology part time at the University of South Wales!

I love to keep busy and doing my masters part time instead of full time means that I can give my full attention to both my new job and my degree with still time to spare in the week.

Moving Home 

I have a few weeks left in Worcester to go. I have just finished at the Welcome Desk and have one week left as a Wellbeing Champion. We will then be moving back to Abergavenny and honestly it is going to be so strange not seeing Alex everyday after living together for 2 years. We have a plan in place but it is still going to take some getting used to.


I’m still planning on doing some goodbye blogs about Worcester and Loco but I’m excited to start our new chapter!


Here’s to the future,

Meg xo





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