Welcome to the third day of Blogmas! I’ve just gotten back from the best weekend in Milton Keynes with my besties (post on that coming soon) and also managed to squeeze in so much needed quality time with Alex. I posted on my Instagram a while a go that I was planning on doing a Q&A with Alex (his idea) for the blog and asked for questions. Due to the fact I barely see him at the moment, I haven’t gotten round to putting it together until now, and thus the general/Christmas mix Q&A was born! 

  1. How long have you been together/how did you get together?

M: As of the 15th December we will have been together for 6 and a half years (our anniversary is the 15th June 2013). Just writing that down makes me realise how long it has actually been – it’s basically a quarter of our lives!

In terms of how we got together, we were best friends for about 4 years before we became a couple! I know everyone says their partner is their best friend but I cannot stress enough how true this is for us. I have known Alex since I was 11 and we became friends through our mutual love of theatre. For a good two years before we became an item we talked 24/7 and spent all day every Saturday in Café Nero just chatting and supporting each other through things that were going on back then. We were also in rehearsals for pantomimes and musicals basically every evening, along with rehearsing for school shows and going to lunch time drama clubs so we were inseparable.

We were then in a production of ‘The Sound of Music’ where Alex and I played love interests Liesl and Rolf (we actually shared our firs kiss onstage haha). I always feel like this is where we both started to realise our feelings and eventually Alex actually pretended to be drunk and texted me telling me that he was in love with me and the rest is history!

2. What’s the best Christmas present you have received from each other?

A: Even though I appreciate every present, my favourite was probably one of the smaller and more thoughtful gifts. It was this bowl and mug that Meg had drawn loads of Marvel pictures onto with sharpies and then baked. The sentiment behind it was so sweet despite her not being a great artist. You can put my ashes in that bowl when I die I love it that much. I also loved the trip to Comic Con and my keyboard but the thoughtful gifts always stay with me.

M: There’s been so many amazing gifts I don’t think I can just pick one. When Alex puts time and thought in he always gets it spot on. I loved this little homemade photo and quote decoration he made me (it’s hard to explain) and this customised photo frame that said ‘the adventures of Alex and Meg’ on it – whenever I look at them I feel so lucky. The tickets to see ‘Wicked’ will always be special as it made good on a promise he made me really early in our relationship so it was so special to get to see that show together. Then there’s the IPad he got me for our first christmas after only 6 months together which I still remember being so shocked.


3. How do you celebrate Christmas as a couple?

A: It depends – usually we try and get together one night close to Christmas and we will curl up and watch some films and make Christmas biscuits and play games etc. Then we will get up the next morning and act like it’s really Christmas day and open presents. We will then make our own little Christmas dinner and chill out for the afternoon. We still see each other and family on the ‘real’ Christmas day for a few hours but mainly celebrate ourselves before.

4. What is it like putting on a show as a couple?

A: At first it was difficult due to external shenanigans and I did wonder whether it would be possible to stop the semi-professional roles blurring with being at home. However, when we got started it was very clear that we work well together. Mainly due to the fact we know each other so well and have the same expectations and points of view. The benefit of being a couple is also if we thought the other was in the wrong we were able to discuss it maturely and come to new decisions without taking it personally – we were able to be honest with each other. I enjoyed it a lot. I think one of our strengths is that we didn’t appear as a couple, there was no PDA in our roles and we ended up putting together fab shows.

M: I completely agree – I feel like the fact we know each other so well just made everything else easier. We also trust each other so were able to trust the other’s judgement on things like casting or staging/singing – whatever fell within our field of expertise. I also had so much fun doing it whether that be one of us on production team or both of us on production team. We are so in sync with things like casting and what works and what doesn’t because of our background so 10/10 would do it again.

5. Which duo or love interests would you most like to play in a show?

A: I would rather be with someone else – I think I would find it awkward. It’s harder to act in that way because I would feel like I wasn’t acting if that makes sense. Everyone would think how we portrayed he characters would be representative of our relationship and I would find that invasive. I reckon the Thenardiers would be good though and maybe Shrek and Fiona – something with a bit of comedy. We have a banterous relationship and aren’t really about that PDA so I think comic partnerships would suit us better on stage.


M: I agree with Alex as when we were Glenn and Julia in The Wedding Singer it was really hard to act with him as I either wanted to laugh or felt too comfortable and like I wasn’t acting if that makes sense? I loved Liesl and Rolf but we weren’t together back then. Thenardiers are a good shout as I’ve done Madame T before and would love to do it with Alex. Also maybe Rizzo and Kenickie or Roger and Jan or something. Khashoggi and Killer Queen would be cool too or something else from We Will Rock You. I’d also love to be maybe Belle and Gaston or Belle and Beast.


6. What is it like being back home and not living together?

A: I miss our privacy and intimacy but for me it’s more not coming home to Meg. At least then if you had a bad day you knew you had something good waiting for you at home. I miss talking over tea and things and catching up. I also miss the late night chats when neither of us can sleep or playing games until we pass out.

M: Yeah not gonna lie it’s harder than I expected. After living together for two years it is so weird and I barely see Alex anymore so I feel very far away when I’m at home even though I’m only two mins up the road. At least at uni when I was busy 24/7 no matter what I knew I would be sleeping next to him but now I’m busy 24/7 and barely seeing him so it’s tough. Just miss being around him really.


7. When are you getting married?

A: I can’t say anything about that. When the stars align.

M: Whenever he decides to ask!


8. What is your favourite thing about the other person?

A: To put it in FIFA terms you are the perfect pentagon. You’ve got each corner as a different attribute and you fill it out perfectly or near enough – 99/100. Humour, intelligence, perseverance, kind hearted ness and sexiness. I dunno, there’s a lot of things I admire about you – how hard working you are and your strength of character just to name a few. The biggest thing is deffo your personality and sense of humour though. You make me laugh everyday no matter what without fail – which I hate to admit because I like to think I am the funny one in the relationship!

M: I just genuinely love that he is my best friend. I know that no matter what he has my back and will defend me and support me to the hills. He is definitely my biggest advocate. If I am ever down or struggling with anything he lifts me up and I adore that. I also love how he will always push me to achieve anything I set my heart to but will also look after me and always checks that I am okay or if I need to step back. I also adore how passionate he is about the things he love whether that be music, sports, films – just hearing him talk about them makes me smile. He is also the most talented man I know. As a script writer, actor, performer – you name it he is a star and I feel so proud to call him my boyfriend.

9. Which Christmas character do you think summarises the other person?

A: Buddy the elf because you’re a pain in the arse when it comes to Christmas. Honestly if you could crush Christmas you into some kind of substance – you’re like Christmas crack cocaine. When you’re in a festive mood it’s contagious. It’s like boom I feel festive.

M: I’d props have to say The Grinch because ultimately he didn’t hate Christmas he just disliked people and I feel like we can both relate to that but particularly Alex. He embraces Christmas in the end and I feel like since we have first met he deffo likes Christmas a lot more.

There we have it! Maybe I’ll make this an annual thing and see how much the answers have changed next year!


Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo



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