So today’s post is more of an update than a blogmas contribution. My body has finally given up and I have come down with all the illnesses.

Without boring everyone with gross details I’ve basically come down with he flu and I’ve honestly never felt so rough in my whole life. I had to get the train back from uni on Tuesday and that’s when it really started to hit me. I was shivering so much on the train that the lovely gentleman sat next to me asked if I would like his coat and scarf as a blanket bless his heart.

I also took a fall on some ice and after a trip to the doctors I now know I have sprained my lower back and pulled all of the muscles along there – fun times. This means that every time I am coughing or sneezing it is literal agony along with barely being able to sit or move. Also, if that wasn’t enough my throat has given in and I’ve got laryngitis so all in all I’m not doing great.

It’s so frustrating because I have so much to do with assessment deadlines coming and Christmas to prepare for. It’s also upsetting because I have literally never taken a sick day off work in my life and have had to take two this week. I get so anxious and upset thinking that I am letting people down and not keeping on top of everything. It also sucks because I just haven’t felt the Christmas spirit yet which is so out of character for me.

Shoutout to my mum for being my own personal nurse and to Alex for bringing me Mcflurries to sooth my throat and for letting me keep him up all night when it first hit me. I am hoping that once all the illness is out of my system, I will finally be hit with all the love and joy for my fave time of year. I’m gonna leave it there today as I’m aware there is zero point to this post other than to remind future me not to push myself so hard as this is a new all time low.

Also, just a reminder to keep an eye on friends and family as not everyone may be doing well at this time of year – look after each other.

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo

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