For today’s blogmas installment I thought I’d share my favourite things that this season has to offer. I am feeling a bit better today and finally getting into my usually Christmas mode so I’m hoping that writing about all my favourite things will help give me the boost I need!

Seasonal Drink

Believe me when I say that awaiting the release of the costa/cafe nero/starbucks christmas menus is an exciting time for me. I love this time of year because it is officially the time that drinking hot chocolate is a must do and it’s by far one of my favourite drinks. I’m a sucker for a gingerbread hot choc (or latte if I need so caffeine) so I have to say that’s my go to. However, this year I am also loving to toasted marshmallow hot chic from Starbuck. I don’t usually go to Starbucks but there is one on campus at my University that we hit before lectures and this take on hot choc is just a dream – especially if you have a sweet tooth like me.


Christmas Film 

There are so many Christmas films that I love, but I have to say that ‘The Holiday’ is probably my all time favourite. I just think the cast, the music, the story, the characters and everything else is just spot on. It is always the first Christmas film I watch of the year and the one I watch most over the festive period. The soundtrack is honestly one of the best for any film, ever. Close runners up would have to be Nativity!, The Grinch, Jingle All The Way and Elf.

Festive Smell

It’s no secret that I adore LUSH UK’s ‘Snow Fairy.’ Honestly can’t get enough of the stuff. Unfortunately, being back in Abergavenny means that I there isn’t a store near me so I am yet to see the beautiful Snow Fairy displays this year – finger crossed Santa brings some LUSH goodies my way!


I’m also obsessed with the Christmas Eve Yankee Candle. My mum got me this at a late night shopping event this year as an early present and I am already half way through it. It just makes me feel so calm, relaxed and Christmassy.


Christmas Food 

I feel like my answers are going to be the same as everyone else here but you can’t beat the appearance of pigs in blankets at this time of the year! I also love a good fresh cream chocolate log and usually eat a piece for breakfast on Christmas morning!

Christmas Tradition 

When we were younger, we would always go to the cinema to see the latest Christmas release on Christmas Eve which I absolutely loved. As we have gotten older this has become more difficult due to work schedules etc but is definitely something we try to keep up. When we were little, my dad also used to drive us around the town so we could see all of the Christmas lights every single day he had us and I lived for it!

The classic new Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve is also something I love and that my mum still does for us despite us being adults now. I also love creating a second Christmas Day with Alex where we pretend it’s really the big day and open our presents from one another and cook dinner etc. I also love doing a bit of festive baking and wrapping my presents on the first day I am off for Christmas – so many little things too. I just love everything about this season.

Christmas Song 

Now this is really too hard to say! As a music fanatic Christmas songs are one of the best parts of this season. When thinking about classics, I love ‘O Holy Night’ and when thinking about contemporary numbers I love Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Underneath the Tree.’ This year I have also been obsessed with the song ‘I’ve Been A Good Girl Santa’ from the “Christmasauras.’ Other faves include ‘Your Hallelujah’ by Leona Lewis, ‘Candlelight Carol’ by John Rutter and all the other classics.

I could go on forever, but there’s a quick fire insight to some of my favourite things about  this time of year. What are some of your festive favourites?

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo


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