Helloooo. So long story short there isn’t going to be an ‘official’ blogmas post today. I have my last masters assessment due in on Tuesday and have been spending all my free time, now I am feeling a bit more human, completing it.

I honestly underestimated how difficult doing a masters degree alongside basically full time work and a research placement would be – but I am almost half way through my first year! I have one more assessment due before Christmas and then I can finally relax and fully embrace the festive spirit! I am in work all day tomorrow and it is due Tuesday so time really is of the essence here. For anyone interested the assessment is a critical discussion of the extent to which mental health services in the UK are culturally diverse and I had to conduct interviews with international students (shout out to my lovely friends who let me interview them) and use these to support any arguments I make!

I honestly wish there was more I could write today but I really need to get back to it. There’s only 3,000 words standing between me and enjoying my fave time of year. I thought I may as well be honest about the reason this blogmas post is naff (at least I remember to post something though, right?). I am hoping that future me will look back at this and maybe decide to not push herself so far!

Wish me luck!

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo



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